Sugar and spice: Smith and Truslow’s organic spices bring flavor to Vail Farmers’ Market |

Sugar and spice: Smith and Truslow’s organic spices bring flavor to Vail Farmers’ Market

Smith and Truslow's gift sets are great for bringing to dinner parties, especially without knowing the host's wine preferences.
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Editor’s note: This article appears as part of a series about vendors at the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show. The series will run throughout the summer.

Courtney Mace sells premium organic spices with Smith & Truslow at the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show, but she’s also one of the friendliest faces in Vail Village on Sunday mornings and afternoons. When she’s not confined to her tent — and even when she is — she makes it a point to talk to all the other vendors, doling out hugs and hearty giggles.

She’s the type of person who goes out of her way to help others, spending time with customers on her products and even leading a new-to-the-valley journalist around the farmers market, showing her crowd and personal favorites.

When she sells Smith & Truslow spices, she lets customers smell and try products such as black truffle sea salt, cinnamon and herbes de provence. Smith and Truslow spices are all organically sourced, freshly ground and tightly hand-packed into 1.4-ounce jars, which customers can buy online or at the Vail Farmers’ Market.

“You won’t find us in any store, because we jar to order,” Mace said. “We want it to stay fresh. So when you buy a big jar at the store, it’s not going to stay fresh by the time you get to use it.”

Smith & Truslow also makes Morning Fuel, a turmeric-based powder that can be added to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal and other breakfast items. Turmeric can act as an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and can help treat chronic diseases, but in order to reap the benefits, it has to be taken with black pepper and omega-3 fatty acids. Most turmeric consumers who buy the pills don’t know this and think they’re getting benefits but really aren’t. Morning Fuel contains turmeric, ground-up chia seeds for omega-3, black pepper and ginger, with added cocoa and cinnamon for flavor and additional benefits. And it also doesn’t have that staining bright-orange color or earthy flavor that can turn people off from straight turmeric.

“A tablespoon or two, and you’ve had your turmeric for the day,” she said.

Mace also likes to bring Smith & Truslow’s various three-packs of rubs to dinner parties and the like. Choosing a bottle of wine to bring without knowing what the host likes can be a challenge — never mind if the host doesn’t drink. Mace likes that her friends can use the spices both during and after the party.

“It’s $21.50 with tax. It’s cheaper than a nice bottle of wine. They use it over and over and over again, and it’s a great way to have something new and different that they will use,” she said.

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