Vail Comedy Show holds first performance at Bridge Street Bar |

Vail Comedy Show holds first performance at Bridge Street Bar

The Vail Comedy Show will be hosting a live standup comedy show every month at its new location in Vail Village

Denver-based comedian Zac Maas headlined the Vail Comedy Show at Bridge Street Bar on Wednesday night.
Seth Levy/Courtesy photo

This week, the Vail Comedy Show moved its live standup comedy performances to a new venue, Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village, where they will be holding their monthly shows for the forseeable future.

The Vail Comedy Show was founded by Colorado comedian Mark Masters in 2019, who has consistently staged one show a month for the past two years. With former locations at Vail Brewing Company and The Riverwalk Theater, as well as a significant period of virtual programming during the pandemic, Masters believes that he has found the perfect home for the show at the Bridge Street Bar.

“I do shows all over the country, and it’s just a really good room for comedy,” Masters said. “Hopefully it’s our forever home.”

The dark lighting, low ceilings, close proximity to the bar and top-rated sound system make Bridge Street Bar an ideal space for drumming up peels of unabashed, full-belly laughter from the audience.

“Some comics lean on a violation when writing a joke, maybe something objectionable and unexpected that maybe you wouldn’t want your boss or someone to see you laughing at,” Masters said. “But if you’re in a dark space and you can’t turn your head and see other people, psychologically you know that other people aren’t looking at you, and you feel free to laugh. There’s also a volume of laughter component, and Bridge Street Bar has low ceilings, which is fantastic because the laughs echo through the room.”

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The lively atmosphere of the new space was on full display this Wednesday night as three Denver-based comedians, Zac Maas, Edward Bell and Kallan Reece, took the stage for a sold-out show, the first in the new venue.

Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village provides the ideal space for a comedy show, and will be the home of the Vail Comedy Show for the foreseeable future.
Mark Masters/Courtesy photo

A spotlight shone on the performing comic while the audience was seated together in rows of chairs and sheltered under a dim red glow. Drawing a mix of locals and tourists, and with Bridge Street bartenders regularly coming around to freshen up drinks, the room was filled with laughter throughout the night.

“The audiences in Vail are some of the best audiences in the state, and a lot of the mountain towns are like that,” Masters said. “It’s a real privilege and a joy to run a show up in Vail, because on the one hand we get great audiences, and on the other hand, Vail has a great brand, and it’s easy to sell comics on coming up here.”

Masters primarily brings in comics from Colorado, but has also attracted a number of larger acts from other parts of the country to perform at previous shows. With the natural appeal of Vail as a destination and the inviting ambiance of the new performance space, he hopes to continue increasing the caliber of comics that perform in the valley, while also providing a great showcasing opportunity for lesser-known comedians.

“It’s super exciting to find somebody who isn’t getting a lot of quality stage time, and give them that quality stage time at Bridge Street Bar,” Masters said. “Comics everywhere want to work in hot and fun rooms – hot not as in temperature, but meaning a high density of people who are good laughers, and that’s what we saw at the show.”

The Bridge Street Bar was a “hot” room during Thursday’s performances, filled with laughter throughout the night.
Mark Masters/Courtesy photo

The next Vail Comedy Show will take place on October 14, and will feature a four-person lineup that opens with Masters himself, followed by JD Lopez, the creator of Denver’s longest running comedy podcast, “Left Hand, Right Brain” and Hannah Jones, who uses her upbringing in a religious co-op to inform irreverent takes on sex, religion, and politics. Adam Cayton-Holland, a national-touring comedian, will headline the night.

Cayton-Holland is the biggest comedian that Masters has brought to Vail thus far. Named one of “10 Comics to Watch” by Variety, he has performed in top venues around the country and written, created and starred in three seasons of the TV show called “Those Who Can’t”.

“The next show is a special one,” Masters said. “We have the most famous comedian we’ve ever had in person at a Vail Comedy Show headlining. I mean, the guy did Carnegie Hall, and he’s doing Bridge Street Bar in the Vail Village. It’s a huge deal.”

Tickets are on sale now for the Oct. 14 show, and are available for purchase at starting at $25 a person for general admission. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older.

Masters has big visions for the future of the Vail Comedy Show, and looks forward to bringing laughter to the valley throughout the year.

“Being able to laugh is a gift,” Masters said. “Last Wednesday after the show, I had a dozen people come up to me and thank me for bringing live comedy to the Vail Valley, and that makes it all worth it. Maybe I don’t make a ton of money, but I make people laugh and they have a lot of gratitude, which I really appreciate.”

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