Vail Comedy Show hosts Alan Bromwell at Riverwalk Theater on Monday

The Riverwalk Theater in Edwards has been hosting Vail Comedy Show performances since June.
Mark Masters, Vail Comedy Show

The Riverwalk Theater in Edwards is getting a lot of laughs recently and not just from movies. It started hosting live events from Vail Comedy Show in June, and the next hilarious event is 7 p.m. Monday.

“When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel months of booked in-person shows in Vail, and we are growing back to our pre-pandemic attendance levels” said comedian Mark Masters who founded the show. “We learned some fun technology lessons during the lockdowns and have some surprises in store for audience members who come back”.

In June, Jeff Shaw, a national headliner from Cleveland, Ohio, happened to be driving between Utah and Wyoming, and Mark Masters jumped at the opportunity to schedule a show. Shaw has had a No. 1 comedy album and performed on cruise ships.

“Grant and the team at The Riverwalk Theater have been exceptional to work with, they are a key ingredient to our growing success with the in-person comedy during this transition back to in-person entertainment” Masters said.

In July, the Vail Comedy Show will be keeping it Colorado, with headliner Alan Bromwell from Denver. Bromwell has a Comedy Central credit, is a paid regular at Comedy Works in Denver and loves performing in the mountains.

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“I have great memories of just about every mountain show I’ve done in Colorado. My first real showcase was in Glenwood Springs, and my first ever headlining gig was in Aspen. I’ve always found that crowds in these ski towns are smart and like to party which is pretty much the ideal setup for comedy” Bromwell said.

The Riverwalk Theater sells alcohol, and the June show had over 40 locals and visitors enjoying the experience. For many, it was their first, public in-person event in over a year.

“It felt amazing to be out and laughing so hard,” said Maria Klopfenstein of the Vail Valley Young Professionals, a group that partnered with the Vail Comedy Show during the pandemic. “I’m so glad the Vail Comedy Show is back and am thrilled the community has this opportunity to laugh and have fun after such a long solitary stretch.”

Monday’s show will feature short, live performances projected on the movie screen from comics in New York City and Los Angeles.

“By mixing in remote and in-person comedians, we can have amazing comics like Leah Bonnema who was on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert” on CBS, but our primary focus is on in-person comedy” Masters said.

In August some big names will be coming in-person to the Vail Comedy Show. Andy Haynes from Comedy Central, Conan, Kimmel and James Corden will be at the Riverwalk Theater on Aug. 12. On Aug. 16, New York City comedian Xazmin Garza will visit the Vail area to headline.

Monday’s Vail Comedy Show has in-person tickets available online and for walk-up purchase at the Riverwalk Theater. Viewers can watch in person or stream the show online. Tickets are $12 whichever way you choose to watch. Links can be found at


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