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1995: Only the gummint could mess up this much

Special to the DailyPat Phelan is all business at Battle Mountain High School football practice.

VAIL, Colorado – There has to be a way to blame the federal government for 1995’s bad snow year.

As you might recall, Congress was in new hands (as in, “What’s the opposite of progress? – Congress”).

The two sides, which are pretty much the two sides we still have, got along like two cats in a sack.

Then, as now, mostly innocent bystanders were affected. The federal government shut down for a while and congressional Republicans got politically dope slapped.

Meanwhile, because the federal government was shut down, apparently snow was not allowed to fall on the national forests. And that created severe alpine blues, which everyone related back to the federal government – it must have been their fault.

Which leads us to a mid-1990s question: How can Bill Clinton do all the stuff he did, get himself impeached and politically flogged, and Newt Gingrich be forced to resign?

For Vail residents, it didn’t matter. They just wanted it to snow, and 1995 turned out to be a major disappointment in terms of powder days.

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