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2009: Rampage and recession

CVR Lindsey Vonn DT 8-21-09

VAIL – The Sandbar’s security video shows Richard “Rossi” Moreau killing Dr. Gary Bruce Kitching, 70, and wounding three others during an armed rampage through the West Vail bar and restaurant.

Kitching and his wife had stopped in Vail on their way home to the Roaring Fork Valley to watch a USC football game. Trouble broke out, so Gary went outside to the car to see if he could get it on the radio, so they could leave.

When the shooting started, he ran back inside to his wife.

Moreau repeatedly shot Kitching with a 1911 Springfield .45 caliber handgun, modified to hold 13 shots. The security video shows that.

Moreau is pleading not guilty. He’s going through a battery of psychological tests.

A police video indicates that Moreau blamed post-traumatic stress disorder for the shooting almost immediately after it happened.

His military service records indicate he earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam. He has claimed to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and has battled alcohol and drugs for years.

He is charged with eight felonies, including first-degree murder.

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