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4Eagle Ranch presents romance of Western music and cowboy poetry

Cowboy Poet Doris Daley is half of the Western music and poetry duo Doris and Doc, slated for a special Valentine's Day performance at 4Eagle Ranch on Tuesday, Feb. 12.
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If you go... An evening of Western music and cowboy poetry with Doc Mehl and Doris Daley When: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 7 p.m. Where: 4Eagle Ranch Details: Tickets are $25 per person and include dessert. For more information call 4Eagle Ranch at 970-926-3372.

WOLCOTT — There’s a wistfulness that characterizes cowboy poetry and Western music.

As country music has gone pop and poetry has become less mainstream, these two genres stubbornly clutch to their roots — spinning tales of Western life and landscape. By turns humorous and heartbreaking, Western music and cowboy poetry are a perfect pairing and a celebrated artist pair will present a Valentine’s Day performance at a venue that couldn’t be more perfect.

Poet Doris Daley and singer-songwriter Doc Mehl will present an evening of Western music and cowboy poetry at 4Eagle Ranch on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

“Don’t let the word ‘cowboy’ scare you off,” said Daley. “If you love stories and enjoy a good punchline and love the universal themes of family life … it is all there.”

The pair resides in Alberta, Canada but they are in the midst of a U.S. tour that will loop through Colorado, Utah, Texas and Oregon.

“We have strong ties to Colorado,” said Daley. “Doc is actually a Colorado boy and he had family in Eagle County.”

Broad appeal

Daley said all things Western is really the theme that runs through her poems and her husband’s music.

“Cowboy poetry and cowboy music is rooted in cowboy life but it is bigger than that,” she said.

Daley said the genre isn’t stuck telling tales from the 1800s, but rather reflects contemporary Western living — everything from hobby ranching to seeking out a living on a present-day ranch.

She noted their performance doesn’t touch on religious or political topics.

“We hit many moods — laughter, tears and wistfulness,” she said. “We have a goal of hitting all the emotions during a show.”

Neighborly promotion

According to Katie Nelson of 4Eagle Ranch, locals Mike and Edith Lederhause were instrumental in bringing  Doc and Doris to the valley.

“We have our first Thursday cowboy dance here at 4Eagle that is pretty popular and we were looking for other things to draw that same crowd,” Nelson said.

Daley describes the Lederhauses as “friends and fans” who came up with the idea of the 4Eagle performance.

“Doc and Doris are both well known in the Western music and poetry circle, and the show will be a real treat for the Eagle Valley,” Mike Lederhause said.

Nelson concurred, noting that the pair is popular at large Western music and cowboy poetry gatherings.

“We are excited to see if this is something the valley will enjoy,” Nelson said.

“We are unabashedly old-fashioned,” said Daley. “Our show doesn’t have any bells and whistles and it will be an uncomplicated night of entertainment. If you are alive and love life, I think this will be the show for you.”

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