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Local inventor shows off innovative grilling system

Daily staff report

VAIL — Local residents Jan Strauch and his wife, Deborah Worley, are the founders of Charless Grilling Systems LLC, a locally owned company that is bringing to market a new outdoor barbecue grill with patented vertical-grilling technology.

The inventors claims the grill totally eliminates flare-ups common in most other competitive models. The result is much-improved flavors and a significant reduction in unhealthy carcinogenic charring. In preparation for a scheduled launch, Strach and Worley met with a variety of manufacturers, agents, distributors and suppliers at a recent international trade show in New Orleans.

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association attracts the largest membership of industry related makers, dealers, and importers from the USA and Canada. The attraction of New Orleans helped make this year’s event the strongest in the past five.

More than 360 companies, including a few from Asia and Europe, exhibited in 1,230 indoor booths and 77 outdoor live demonstrations. Some 6,800 people attended the three-day event. The association announced another strong year in barbecue category, with sales reaching 14.5 million units worth more than $4.1 billion at retail.

To stay up-to-date with emerging trends, this was the third Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association expo attended by Strauch and Worley.

“Once again, I didn’t see anything new” Strauch said. “Grill manufacturers are stuck in a time warp, still fiddling with knobs, burners, apps and fuels instead of end-result quality. Once again, I’m convinced our much-improved technology that offers better-tasting, healthier foods in half the time will disrupt this market and attract immediate consumer interest and purchases.”

Strauch added that May signaled the start of Barbecue Month. Hopefully, the weather will improve quickly here in the Vail Valley, so locals can enjoy cooking out more often.

For more information about Charless Grilling Systems, call Strauch, 970-306-8285, or email jan@gocharless.com.