Attitude of Bryant’s accuser was reportedly inconsistent |

Attitude of Bryant’s accuser was reportedly inconsistent

EAGLE COUNTY – The young woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape wasted no words when she told her mother her version of what happened.”Mom, I was raped last night,” said the young woman.Her mom hugged her for a minute, then asked who it was.”It was Kobe Bryant.”All criminal charges against Bryant, who has maintained his innocence since the case was filed, have been dropped, though the young woman’s civil lawsuit against the NBA star is pending. Nearly 700 pages of previously sealed documents were released Friday by the Eagle County District Attorney’s Office from a file of more than 4,000. In various documents, the young woman said she told Bryant “no” several times, that he forced himself inside her and that she cried. She also admitted mis-stating some minor details in her original interview with investigators.In a letter to district attorney’s investigator Gerry Sandberg – written 13 months after the June 30, 2003, incident – the young woman admitted she was late to work not because she had car trouble, as she said in her original interview, but that she overslept. She enjoyed her job and did not want to jeopardize it, she said. She also said that while Bryant made her stay in his room against her will, he did not make her wash her face, as she originally said.”I know none of these things change what happened, but I wanted you to know,” she wrote to Sandberg.Larry Pozner, a Denver attorney who has closely followed the case, said the woman’s letter would have been powerful evidence for Bryant’s attorney Pamela Mackey. “Pam Mackey would have done a tap dance on her head with that,” Pozner told the L.A. Times. The young woman’s attorney, John Clune, praised his client and the District Attorney’s Office Friday afternoon for releasing the documents.”It’s better for the public to have as much truth as possible, instead of the leak-fest Bryant’s defense attorneys have been running,” Clune said.’Come home’When the young woman arrived home after her encounter with Bryant, around midnight, she told her parents she was home.”I could tell something was wrong, she kind of mumbled things – and the way she walked in – her tone of voice,” her mother told investigators.Her daughter appeared “distraught,” but her mother decided that whatever it was, her daughter would tell her about it when she was ready – “Her normal way of doing things,” the young woman’s mother said. The next morning, she called her mother at work and said, “Mom, you need to come home. I need to talk to you.”When her mother came home, her daughter was in bed. When she sat next to her daughter, she looked upset and had clearly been crying, her mother said. That’s when her daughter told her she’d been raped, her mother said., “I have never doubted her from the moment she told me,” her father told investigators.A different viewBut Trina McKay, who was working at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera the night of the encounter, had a different view of the woman’s demeanor. McKay said that at 11 p.m., she saw the young woman walking toward her. “She had a big smile on her face” and was “bubbly, ” McKay said.As the young woman approached her, she said, “Hey, I’m out of here,” McKay said. At 11 p.m. – after being in Bryant’s room – the young woman was acting the same as when she arrived at work earlier that day, McKay said. In documents released two weeks ago by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Cordillera bellman Bob Pietrack said McKay told the young woman to finish her cash sheet and close out her drawer before leaving. After the young woman and Pietrack went outside, Pietrack said she was upset and crying as she related her version of what took place in Bryant’s hotel suite.Janet Woods, a guest at Cordillera that night, said Bryant appeared to have his “wife/mistress/girlfriend” with him. Woods also told Sandberg she made that assumption because of the “flirtatious” body language between Bryant and a young woman, and that the woman appeared to be someone “intimately” connected with Bryant.Staying with her storyThe young woman showed Bryant to his room that night and he asked her to come back in 15 minutes to give him a tour of the property, she said. When the tour finished, he asked her to accompany him to his room, she said.In an interview with investigator Tom Bennett, she said she had cried when Bryant was having sex with her and that he could see it because she had to wipe the tears away from her face. She started saying “no” before the sex ever started – as soon as he started groping her, the young woman told Bennett. “He would try to lift up my skirt and try to take off my underwear,” she told Bennett. “I told him no a few more times after that. And every time I said no he just got angry. He was squeezing pretty tight and I couldn’t breath very well.”Finally, he lifted up my skirt and pulled down my underwear and he forced himself inside me,” she said. Bennett said while the young woman was telling her story, she began crying and the interview was halted for seven minutes while she composed herself.”She was visibly upset,” said Bennett.The young woman also told Bennett that after the sexual encounter was over, Bryant made her stay in the room because she was crying and her face was red. She said when she tried to leave, Bryant made her stay, then pulled down his pants and told her to “kiss it good-bye.””I did. Then I left.”Vail, Colorado

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