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Avon to consider short-term rentals

Sarah Mausolf
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – Short-term rentals are coming before town council again Tuesday, three weeks after a large crowd turned out to voice their support for allowing them in Avon.

It looks like permitting short-term rentals in Wildridge and a few other neighborhoods may not be as easy as some people had hoped.

On a first reading of the law last month, council voted to allow short-term rentals in Wildridge and on Eagle Bend Drive, as long as existing regulations there allow the change. They also approved short-term rentals downtown. For the law to go into effect, council must approve it again on a second reading.

But rules established for Wildridge when town council approved the development expressly forbid short-term rentals, town attorney Eric Heil said in a memo. Those rules are part of the planned unit development, the memo says.

Similar rules also forbid short-term rentals on Eagle Bend Drive, Stonebridge, and Canyon Run, town community relations officer Becky Lawlor said.

To change the rules to allow short-term rentals in those developments, an amendment to the planned unit development is in order, the memo said.

Previously, council had been planning to include those neighborhoods in a zoning overlay district allowing short-term rentals but the overlay cannot apply in places where the planned unit development forbids short-term rentals, the memo says.

Town staff plan to recommend that council remove Wildridge, Eagle Bend Drive, Stonebridge and Canyon Run from the overlay district map, Lawlor said.

If that happens, council will not be approving short-term rentals in those neighborhoods Tuesday night.

To amend the laws in those neighborhoods to allow short-term rentals, another process is necessary, the memo says.

First of all, the owner of the development or a representative from the homeowners’ association must file an application with the town for the change, said Jared Barnes, a planner for Avon.

Exactly how that would work in Wildridge, where no single individual owns the neighborhood and several homeowners’ associations exist is unclear.

“I would want to have a discussion with the town attorney before making a determination on who could apply for the P.U.D. amendment for Wildridge,” Barnes said.

Next, all property owners within 300 feet of the development must receive notice about the proposed change, Barnes said.

The matter would come before the town planning commission for a public hearing, he said. It would then come before town council, Barnes said. Any changes to the law would require two separate approval votes from council.

Tyson Kennedy, a homeowner in Stonebridge, wants to see short-term rentals in her development and she doesn’t like the sound of this new process for approving them.

“I think my biggest concern is probably whatever passes, it’s going to be so convoluted and complicated that there are going to be very few H.O.A.s [home owners’ associations] that are going to be able to know or understand the process,” she said.

On Tuesday, council will conduct a second reading of the short-term rental proposal it approved last month.

Potentially, council could approve it, vote it down or change it, Lawlor said.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the town municipal building, 1 Lake St. Visit avon.org/shorttermrentals for more information.

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