Before the crisis, consider the conversation |

Before the crisis, consider the conversation

EAGLE — Have you had a healthy and practical conversation about conscious aging with your family … including the end of life? Most people have not, usually because they avoid it, and that can result in big problems. Women’s Empowerment Workshop and HomeCare & Hospice of the Valley are tackling this issue with an interactive, empowering workshop about conscious aging on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Eagle. Nature-based life coach, Susie Kincade, and hospice and grief counselor, Celynn McClarinnon, will offer tools for both the practical and emotional experience of initiating a conversation with your family about the journey of aging. The workshop is geared toward adult men and women of any age. The intention is to extend the concept of conscious living throughout the entire circle of life.

According to hospice workers and volunteers, the conversation about death is one of the most taboo in our culture which can create a crisis situation that adds a heavy layer of stress in end-of-life circumstances. McClarinnon has witnessed many situations where just a bit of preparation would have changed the experience for the entire family.

Spending Final Days in Peace

“It’s so important to have conversations with our loved ones and share information so that when our time comes, or theirs, we get to spend it in loving relationship instead of worrying about practical details or stressing about fears,” McClarinnon said. “From my experience, this passage would be so much smoother if people had done even just a little bit of planning.”

McClarinnon will cover the obvious like medical power of attorney and medical directives, but there are many emotional decisions that the vast majority of people may not think or know about. She’ll be offering practical considerations and a checklist for seminar attendees as well as interactive experiences that help participants embody and understand the aging process in a new way.

Kincade will address the societal issues and fears with activities that bring participants to their core concerns and move through them. She will offer time in nature as well for people to explore and deepen into their own positive emotions around the passage of death.

“My family witnessed my parents journey with this stage of life and saw them isolate themselves behind a wall of non-communication that made all of it very stressful,” Kincade said. “My 20-something daughters and I are choosing to do it very differently. Initiating the dialog now, when everyone is healthy is the place to start.”

The workshop includes lunch and is free of charge. Donations are welcome to cover the costs and benefit HomeCare & Hospice of the Valley. Pre-registration is important for a head count and can be done by calling 970-328-5472 or online at http://www.women

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