Berry Creek Pond will open in August |

Berry Creek Pond will open in August

Tamara Miller
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyThe pond at Edwards' Berry Creek is now filling and should be open next month.

What do you get when you combine a 2.8-acre hole and almost 7.3 million gallons of water?The Berry Creek Pond, of course.It took nearly a week for workers to fill Edwards’ new recreation pond and while it is full now, there’s still plenty to do before the pond opens to the public in August.”It went pretty smoothly,” said Michael Cirkovic, Eagle County’s project manager for the pond.

Crews will begin landscaping the area near the pond and will stock the lake with trout, Cirkovic said. People will be able to use the pond much like they already use Nottingham Lake in Avon, he said. People can fish and take paddle boats out on Nottingham Lake, but are not allowed to swim. And while Edwards may be hundreds of miles away from an ocean, this pond has a sandy beach on the east side for aspiring sand castle architects.The pond was filled using an existing irrigation ditch. When it came time to fill the pond, the water in that ditch was diverted though a wet well and piped into the lake. “We piped everything prior to construction of the pond so that when we constructed the pond we could just take out one of the plugs and redirect the water,” Cirkovic said.

Freedom Park, a memorial park honoring emergency service workers and veterans of foreign wars, will be next to the pond. A committee organizing the effort is requesting design suggestions from the public.Some ideas that have already been submitted include a ceremonial flag area, a small shelter and a wall with seating that will serve as an entry point and a buffer from the gravel parking lot nearby. A local high school student has suggested creating a “Freedom Trail” that will have markers along the way posted with information about the nation’s wars and conflicts, said Jeff Layman, one of the committee members.Anyone, regardless of age, is encouraged to submit idea.”There’s no such thing as a stupid idea,” Layman said. “It’s my understanding that anything anyone dreams up could be considered.”It’s a public monument,” he added. “It’s for all of us and you know we really want the public to have a hand in its design.”

This isn’t a contest, Layman said. The committee may decide to incorporate several submissions into one design concept. After all submissions have been received, the committee will likely hold meetings where people will discuss the various designs.Staff writer Tamara Miller can be reached via e-mail at or by calling (970) 949-0555, ext. 607.Vail Colorado

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