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Blog: How about that Michelle Obama?

Debbie Marquez
Vail, CO Colorado
Ted S. Warren/AP PhotoDemocratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., left, and Michelle Obama listen to speakers at an economic roundtable for women, Tuesday.

So, yeah, everyone and their brother has written about Michelle Obama’s speech last night, but give the dog a little break, he has been out scouting stories so you, the player at home, can have more than just one of these posts a day.

The dog watched the speech from the Big Tent. It was the most empty the dog had seen it all day, with maybe 100 bloggers hanging out.

During the run-up speeches ” including Sen. Kennedy, can you believe that he did not use the chair they set out for him? ” there was a lot of cross talk and joking, but this started to wind down as her brother warmed up the crowd down the Can (the Pepsi Center for those more corporately oriented). Then Michelle took the stage.

No, normally the dog would say that anyone that has to follow (even a few speakers later) what could be one of the final speeches of Sen. Kennedy is in deep trouble but Mrs. Obama strode on to that stage like she was coming home. She had a big job to last night, namely introducing (or re-introducing as the case maybe) herself to the country.

One good thing about low-information voters, they have so little background that you have a chance to change their minds. This was the task Michelle (it is so strange to use her first name, since the dog has never met her) was taking on.

As she spoke, she slowly drew the crowd in. The heartbreaking story of her father’s MS, with him using two canes to cross the room, and give her mother a kiss, left quite a few hard bitten bloggers more than a little misty eyed. As she wound her way to the subject of the campaign, and the improbable stories that have lead her, Sen. Obama and others that have work this campaign to this point you could tell that the crowd was in her hands.

But it was her statement that she loved her country was where she set the hook.

As we in the liberal blogesphere know, Michelle has been hammered mercilessly by the right wing attackers for her comment that for the first time in her life she is proud of her country Last night she wiped that attack out.

Sure, Repugs, being creatures of habit will continue to use it, but the rebuttal to that attack is just a YouTube video away. Not only did she show that this was a spurious and baseless notion, she showed that there is more than an accessory wife at Sen. Obama’s side.

What stands there instead is the story of America ” a person who grew up with limited means, worked their way into the some of the most prestigious schools in the nation, then instead of cashing in on the “mine, mine, mine” materialistic society, goes to work for her community.

So for any of you Dems and liberals out there that want to eat away at Sen. McCain’s fairytale life, just hold the story of Michelle Obama up to the story of Cindy McCain. One is a confirmation of what we hope America and Americans can be and the other is the same old story of the wealthy and powerful spending most of their time becomeingmore wealthy and powerful. To the dog, this is not a flattering comparison.

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