Bob the Bridge besmirched by vandals |

Bob the Bridge besmirched by vandals

Tamara Miller
NWS Bridge Graffiti SM 3-24 Vail Daily/Shane Macomber Bob the Bridge (located in Avon) has recently been a target for graffiti. Wednesday

Bob the Bridge has been getting an unofficial makeover lately – and it hasn’t been pretty.

In the past week, graffiti artists have marked up the underside of the Avon Road bridge – affectionately known by local residents as Bob – with spray paint. Avon Police estimate it will cost more than $500 to clean up.

There have been several reports of vandalism in the area. Graffiti artists also have left their mark at bus stops, the Cascade Village parking structure in Vail and at a WestStar Bank branch.

Vandalism that causes more than $500 in damage is considered a felony.

Satellite launch

It all started when the satellite on his recreational vehicle allegedly fell off and smashed the windshield of another car. That’s when a Nevada man’s troubles began.

It was last Friday and the man was driving down Interstate 70 when the satellite on his RV allegedly fell off and smashed the windshield of the car traveling behind him. The man found out when he saw the driver of the car flagging him down as he was taking the Avon exit.

According to police reports, he handed the driver of the car $300 for the damage and a phone number to call if the money wasn’t enough to repair the windshield. The driver of the car wanted to call police and file a report. The Nevada man asked her not to, saying his insurance wouldn’t cover that type of accident. Then he drove off.

The woman called police anyway and gave a description of the man’s RV.

Later that day, Avon Police officers contacted the man when they found his peach-colored RV parked in the driveway of a Wildridge home. After searching his vehicle they allegedly found a marijuana pipe and some marijuana. The Nevada man’s driver’s license allegedly had been revoked, as well.

He was arrested.

Shopping sprees

The Super Wal-Mart in Avon has been busy – busy with customers and lately, busy with petty crime.

Avon Police have been called to the store several times in the last week to investigate incidents ranging from a vandalized car to a report of employees allegedly stealing from the stockroom.

On March 11, two employees were allegedly caught lifting a DVD player and a camera from the very shelves they get paid to stock. They face larceny charges.

The same day, three young girls were allegedly caught shoplifting CDs, cosmetics and jewelry from the store. The youngest of three girls was 10-years-old. When the father of two of the girls came to pick them up from the police station, officers discovered he was wanted back in Mexico.

He was arrested and placed in a holding cell, awaiting extradition.

On March 14, a customer returned from an hour-and-a-half shopping trip to find that someone had done a little shopping around his car. The plastic wheel case for the front right wheel was stolen and five hubcap bolts were missing.

Patience, patience ….

Working the coat check at nightclub can be a dangerous job.

An employee responsible for the coat check at a Vail nightclub allegedly was assaulted by a customer who couldn’t wait to retrieve his jacket.

The employee called police after the impatient customer allegedly punched him in the face. The customer was gone by the time police arrived.


A parking valet may have earned himself a new summer job after his attempt to retrieve a customer’s vehicle tore up grass in Ford Park.

The valet allegedly told police that he decided to drive the vehicle forward through three feet of snow instead of backing it out of the parking space. In the process, he got the vehicle stuck and damaged grass.

The valet was not charged with anything. He allegedly told police that he would fix the damage he had done this summer if town officials wanted him to.

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