Buffalo Ridge bus service to resume

AVON — The Avon Town Council recently approved restarting bus service for the residents of the Buffalo Ridge apartments. Service will begin Sept. 1.

Avon Transit will incorporate stops at Buffalo Ridge into existing routes to and from the Interstate 70 Regional Transportation Operations facility, located at Swift Gulch, in the morning and evening with no additional operating expense to the town.

Buses departing from Swift Gulch will stop at the two bus stops located at Buffalo Ridge and will then continue to Avon Station. One bus at 6:15 a.m. will be scheduled for Buffalo Ridge passenger pickup, with another bus departing from Avon Station at 6:28 p.m. for drop-off at Buffalo Ridge. Buses will run seven days a week.

“It is fantastic that Avon is providing bus service to Buffalo Ridge. Bus service to this neighborhood has long been a goal for both the residents of Buffalo Ridge and the Avon Town Council,” said Mayor Rich Carroll. “I want to thank everyone involved and especially Reggie O’Brien, with Polar Star Properties, and Jane Burden, with the town of Avon, for working diligently to arrive at a solution.”

For more information about transit service in Avon, call Jane Burden, Avon transit manager, 970-748-4111 or email

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