Channel 5 has new name, website |

Channel 5 has new name, website

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AVON — Public Access TV 5 is now High Five Access Media.

The nonprofit has re-created itself with a new name, logo and website,, to show the community the creative opportunities at local access media.

“I’ve been at High Five Access Media for nearly a decade,” executive director J.K. Perry said. “We’ve worked hard to create an access television station the community is proud of. We’ve invested funds to update and upgrade equipment, so the community has access to the latest technology. We’ve created media education workshops so anyone can learn to use this equipment. And we’ve increased the quality and number of ways to watch programming, whether on local cable television or the web.”

Today, the organization’s mission is to empower the local community, through media education and technology, to become civically engaged, express ideas, and advocate for causes.

High Five Access Media achieves its mission by providing the community coverage of local government meetings, free access to media education, facilities and gear, television and internet distribution, low-cost production services and unique productions.

High Five Access Media is available on Comcast Channel 5 in the upper Eagle Valley. But it’s more than just a television station. For residents who have cut the cord, subscribe to satellite TV or live downvalley, all programming is simulcast at “Live on Five” at, where you can also find on-demand video.

The new website focuses on visual content by putting video up front. It also offers more ways to discover new media and get involved.

Re-creation party

To showcase its new look, High Five Access Media invites the community to join them Oct. 28 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Agave for a showcase of opportunities to get involved with local access television.

Everyone is welcome.

Try your hand at producing a live television show from 1 to 3 p.m. Get hands-on experience with production equipment at several stations, including the technical director chair, where you can mix together cameras, audio, video, still images and graphics. Move on to the camera station to work on panning, tilting and composing an image. Finally, jump on stage to practice hosting skills, and reading from a teleprompter.

Then, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. watch High Five Access Media’s live broadcast of “The Community Project,” featuring a live performance by Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue. “The Community Project” features local talent and offers opportunities for the community to get involved with a live television program.

Grassroots history

High Five Access Media began cablecasting on Channel 5 in 1983 from a studio in the old town of Vail public works shop. With a couple of small studio cameras, a field camera and some editing equipment, several residents hopped on board the electronic soapbox and public access television was born in Vail.

The station offered the first opportunity for average citizens to produce their own television programs, while the cable channel ensured they could effectively communicate with the community.

The first program was News Vail, an hour-long, weekly show that offered insight into issues affecting the valley. The station provided video training for dozens of local residents, who pitched in to produce the program. Throughout the years, High Five Access Media has offered video production workshops, whose participants, along with staff, went on to create several local-centric programs, including “Reading the Vail Daily with Josh Hall”, “Altitude Sickness”, “Mountain Valley Magazine” and “The Community Project.”

In the 1990s, High Five Access Media began its coverage of Vail Town Council meetings, an effort that has grown to include the town of Avon and several other local governments.

For more information, go to http://www.high

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