CMC makes new dean of Vail Valley campus official, promotes two others |

CMC makes new dean of Vail Valley campus official, promotes two others

Dr. Marc Brennan has taken a circuitous path from Australia to Edwards

Dr. Marc Brennan is Colorado Mountain College's new Vail Valley campus dean and college vice president. Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser, CMC president and CEO, right, made the official announcement Thursday morning.
Randy Wyrick |

EDWARDS — If you hire well, finding people to promote is easy.

On Thursday, Colorado Mountain College made three promotions official:

  • Dr. Marc Brennan is the new campus dean at CMC’s Vail Valley Campus.
  • Dr. Kathryn Regjo is CMC’s new college-wide vice president of Academic Affairs.
  • Tinker Duclo is the new vice president and campus dean of CMC Rifle.

Brennan, an Australia native, is the youngest of six children, raised in a family that appreciated education but didn’t encourage spending years of your life pursuing it. Instead, they went to work.

Brennan eventually landed a pretty good job as a loan collector in the automobile industry. If you were delinquent in your car payments, you could expect calls from him.

He hated it. His family didn’t understand why, reasoning that he got to wear a suit to work every day. “What could be better than that?” they asked him.

So at age 28 he started college, taking classes with 18-year olds. The transition was not seamless. He got a C on his first essay.

“I worked on that essay for two weeks,” Brennan said.

Sure he was discouraged, but he stuck with it. He finished his degree in media studies from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia, earned a Ph.D. from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and took a teaching position with the University of Sydney. He loved teaching.

“Standing in front of students and seeing what education can do. That’s what I wanted,” Brennan said.

However, the university’s Powers That Be wanted him doing research and publishing.

They finally came to an agreement. He agreed to leave. The university’s brass agreed that they would let him.

Ironically, he has been published in numerous British and Australian academic journals, writing on topics as music journalism and popular culture.

He did enough research to learn that the U.S. university system was more focused on students than professors, and that’s what he wanted.

He interviewed with Colorado Mountain College for a spot at the Vail Valley campus in Edwards.

After his interview he thought, “If I don’t get this job I’ll be devastated.”

He got the job in 2016. He’s not devastated. He’s excited.

He took over from Regjo on July 1 and after 10 days on the job, he said Thursday morning that he still loves it.

“It is a privilege to work for a college with such close ties to its communities,” Brennan said. “I am honored to receive this appointment and look forward to continuing all the great work achieved by Dr. Regjo at the Vail Valley campus.”

Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser, CMC president and CEO, said the college is happy to promote from within.

“Our campus vice presidents play such an important role in our communities that we did not want to leave these two campuses without strong, continuous leadership,” Besnette Hauser said. “From the beginning, I have been confident that there was extensive internal talent and experience to tap, so this spring we reached out to our own team members. I am so pleased that Tinker and Marc will be seamlessly stepping into the leadership of these important campuses.”

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