Congratulations, graduates |

Congratulations, graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of Vail Centre's Community Leadership Academy Inside First Program. (Left to Right): Ross Iverson, Vail Centre; Jason Cowles, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District; Parker Newbanks, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District; Jim Edwards, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District; Angelo Fernandez, Vail Centre; Tim Drescher, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District; Adele Wilson, Eagle County Schools; Jesse Masten, Eagle County Government; Wendi Rowles, Office of District Attorney; Erin Duffy, Eagle County Government; Regina O'Brien, Eagle County Government; Berniece Gutierrez, Cordillera Metro District; Mari Renzelman, Eagle County Government; Jan Miller, Eagle County Government; Jill Buecking, Eagle County Schools; (Kneeling): Anne Heckman, Eagle County Schools; and Melanie McMichael, Eagle County Schools.

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