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Conscious Transformation

Conscious Transformation | GLOW Summer 2016

With our healthy, mountain lifestyle, it is easy to feel the difference physically when we fuel our bodies with good nutrition and vibrant activities. But what about the fuel we give our minds? Would you consider the thoughts and emotional patterns that you are currently practicing a healthy routine? What you feed your mind becomes who you are.

Conscious Transformation is a personal and professional development system designed to help shift deep patterns and achieve true and lasting fulfillment.

The four part series includes:

Mental Mastery

Develop a peaceful mind


Emotional Mastery

Define your emotional experience


Physical Mastery

Create optimal health & well-being


Spiritual Mastery

Access the power of your intuition


After years of personal development, focused meditation and a formal, extensive
training program led by Joey Klein, founder of Conscious Transformation, Mandy leads these transformative classes regularly throughout the Vail Valley.

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