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Danny Bedrosian is slated to perform at Agave on Tuesday

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Danny Bedrosian performs at Agave in Avon for the first time Tuesday evening.
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If you go ...

What: Danny Bedrosian (P-Funk) and Secret Army.

Where: Agave in Avon.

When: Tuesday. Doors at 8:00 p.m./show at 9 p.m. Ages 21+.

Cost: Free.

More information: Show is for ages 21 and over. Visit http://www.agaveavon.com.

Danny Bedrosian was destined to play keyboard for George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars. A fan since age 11, he met the band in the New England area in his late teens after winning a contest that involved Clinton wearing a bed sheet created by Bedrosian.

“I used to tell my friends and my parents, siblings etc. that my goal was to become the keyboardist for Parliament-Funkadelic,” he explained. “It being my favorite band for such a long time, it truly is a dream come true. I dropped my music off and that was the start of the relationship.”

A dream come true is right as Bedrosian has been the keyboardist on the road with George Clinton and P-Funk since 2003. He worked as a technician from 2001 to 2003 and was invited to Florida while still in college to begin his recording career with P-funk in 2000.

Eclectic sound

In addition to keyboarding for the P-Funk All-Stars, 29-year-old Bedrosian is also involved with six other bands including the Secret Army for which he is the lead vocalist, producer and chief songwriter. As an artist, he says he loves being part of it all.

“From season to season, I enjoy different things and different aspects of each job,” he said. “I like and appreciate the publishing side of my music and the studio side. I love all the bands I play in and I love working on aspects of my own career. It’s all really great.”

Generating an innovative brand of alternative music, Secret Army brings youthful energy to its audiences. Because Bedrosian’s sound includes a wide range of genres including funk, soul, jazz and more, audiences all of types relate to his music.

“I have produced many artists and conceptualized and created lots of albums with my company Bozfonk Moosick since 2005, and with my previous company, D.B. Productions, when I still lived in New England,” he said. “With each album, I open the possibilities for a wider scope of audience to be into something I am doing and, at the same time, hopefully bringing us all closer with each new song and album.”

When concert-goers attend the Secret Army show at Agave Tuesday, Bedrosian says they should expect a mix of genres, subgenres, sounds, styles and elements.

“It’s funky and you can dance to it but there will also be jazz standards and P-Funk covers,” he said. “I feel extremely inspired during my shows and I feel they evoke a true emotion that is so pure and so real, that it truly stands testament to why people still want to see live music in this day and age.”

Live in Avon

A newcomer to Agave, Bedrosian says he is excited to play for fresh ears and to be playing in Colorado.

“I have heard good things about the Agave and I am looking forward to playing for people who have not heard me yet,” he said. “And for all who maybe have heard something, to be able to give them a live version of something is still very gratifying for me to this day.”

He continued, “I always look forward to the performance most of all, but I love Avon and Colorado in general. I really look forward to this tour, and I look forward to people checking out my new album, ‘Songs For A Better Tomorrow,’ from which we are performing some songs in the set. We hope to see you all at the show at the Agave.”

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