Dems have it all wrong in Eagle County |

Dems have it all wrong in Eagle County

Donna Spinelli
Vail, CO, Colorad

The title of Dick Brooks’ letter, “Democrats more responsible in Eagle County,” is laughable. In what single way could anyone possibly say the Democrats are more responsible? Is it:

– The $200,000-plus they spent on Xeriscaping the county building in the middle of a severe recession?

– The way they kicked the Humane Society out of the Animal Shelter without due diligence?

– The unsecured money they spent ($4.5 million) on Stratton Flats, which has sold eight units so far?

– The $90,000 they spent on consultants to rename the airport?

– The $2 million-plus they spent on the development rights for the Gates ranch, which no one in the county can see or use and which was not under threat of development?

– The $6 million they spent on the gravel pit in Edwards, which still cannot be used by the public?

– The condescending and cruel way they treated the equestrian community in the hearing on the winter use of the fairgrounds?

– The condescending way they treat the public’s input at all hearings? (“I haven’t heard anything that might change my mind” ” Sara Fisher.)

– The way they seem to have agreed on decisions before public meetings, which are a farce because they never listen to the public?

– The way they wasted the taxpayer’s money by buying PC Priuses before the county’s fleet needed to be retired?

– The environmental hypocrisy of the Priuses, which are a hazard to dispose of and a hazmat situation in an accident on the highway?

Are these the “essential services” Stavney and Runyon claim we will lose if we cut taxes? Do they really amount to $10 per month on your tax bill? They do not. If you ask them to provide a mathematical analysis of that claim, they will stumble and stammer.

We have endured their arrogance and their irresponsible government long enough.

Get them out of there and elect a new majority of Dick Gustafson and Debbie Buckley so that things can really change and we will have government by the people and for the people, not government by the commissioners and for the commissioners

Donna Spinelli

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