Denver bus driver in fatal crash faces charges |

Denver bus driver in fatal crash faces charges

DENVER – The driver of a Denver bus that crashed into two vehicles, killing two people and injuring a dozen, has been charged with several counts of careless driving resulting in death and serious bodily injury.

Denver police spokesman Lt. Matthew Murray said Tuesday that Tideneykiyalesh Hawariyat, 30, of Aurora, faces a total of 13 counts, all misdemeanors.

It wasn’t immediately know what range of penalties Hawariyat would face if convicted. She was issued citations and wasn’t under arrest.

Hawariyat was driving a bus owned by the Regional Transportation District, a publicly funded agency, but works for private contractor Veolia Transportation. Based on statements by witnesses and other evidence, police believe the driver ran a red light and hit a Volkswagen Rabbit, then pushed a pickup into a parking lot and against a billboard pole in central Denver, Murray said.

Denver residents Carla Miranda and driver Dustin Peletier, both 29, died. They were in the Volkswagen.

An RTD bus was involved in another fatal accident Monday when an elderly man was run over in the east-Denver suburb of Aurora. Police said witnesses didn’t know how the 78-year-old victim wound up under the vehicle.

The names of the driver, an RTD employee, and victim weren’t released.

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