Discover the Science Behind Spring Cleanses with yoga instructor Julia Clarke |

Discover the Science Behind Spring Cleanses with yoga instructor Julia Clarke

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Yoga instructor and wellness consultant Julia Clarke will lead the Science Behind Spring Cleanses on Wednesday, May 18, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon.
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What: The Science Behind Spring Cleanses.

When: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 18.

Where: Walking Mountains Science Center, 318 Walking Mountains Lane, Avon.

Cost: Free; required $10 donation for supplies registration.

More information: Space is limited. Visit to register.

AVON — Each year, spring brings the promise of positive change and new beginnings. The melting snow reveals a landscape of new growth and renewed possibilities. The earth wakes up from a deep hibernation, and with it, we notice wildlife returning, tree buds bursting and the sun on our recently exposed skin.

The term “spring cleaning” is often associated with the season. Whether it’s our minds, bodies, spirits or closets, we feel the urge to cleanse and purge. There are many ways to go about this process, and there are a lot of mixed messages out there regarding the best methods. When it comes to cleansing our bodies, or ridding them of toxins, what is the safest and most effective strategy?

Join Walking Mountains Science Center and Julia Clarke, founder of Mountain Soul Yoga, for the Science Behind Spring Cleanses on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Walking Mountains in Avon.

Untangle the myths of body detoxes and how to assist your body to support natural cleansing, and discuss how our bodies accumulate toxins, the process our organs go through to eliminate them and how to avoid “fad” or dangerous diets or detoxes while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The group will learn an exercise routine to elevate the respiratory system and make a food dish to help support a natural cleanse.


Clarke’s creative and passionate teaching weaves her deep connection with nature and her love of ayurveda through vinyasa flow, contemplative yin yoga and thoughtful restorative yoga. An Registered Yoga Teacher 500 instructor and Maharishi ayurvedic wellness consultant, she is the founder of Mountain Soul Yoga Studio in Edwards, an avid hiker and a writer whose winding path has brought her from growing up in Scotland to teaching yoga in Vail, via eight years as a radio DJ and music promoter on the East Coast.

Visit to register or to learn more about this event.

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