DJ Larry Vision, aka Larry Castruita, peforms in Vail Saturday |

DJ Larry Vision, aka Larry Castruita, peforms in Vail Saturday

Caramie Schnell
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily DJ Larry Vision, aka Larry Castruita, returns to Vail to spin an eclectic mix of music Saturday night at Whiskey Jack's.

VAIL, Colorado ” DJ Larry Vision, aka Larry Castruita, started DJing when he was 12 in Vail, his hometown.

“I played dances for VMS (Vail Mountain School) and Battle Mountain with my friends DJ Fuse and Mark Caudel,” Castruita said.

By the time Castruita was in high school, he was spinning in Boulder at college parties.

“I went to college at USC, DJed there and was tapped to play my first Hollywood club in 1999. It was crazy because there were 2,000 people and I was nervous as bananas. I still remember doing Pharcyde, ‘she keeps on passing me by’ to start it off and it all worked from there including a Michael Jackson live quick mix medley around 1 a.m.”

Since then Castruita has played in a laundry list of destinations: Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, New York, Miami, Dallas, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, Rosarito and San Felipe.

MTV even flew Castruita to Cancun to play for Spring Break one year.

“Now that was good times,” he said.

In L.A., where Castruita is based, he plays regularly at some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, but this week Castruita is back on his home turf. He’ll spin at Whiskey Jack’s on Bridge Street in Vail Saturday night.

Vail Daily: Why should people come see your show?

DJ Larry Vision: Because it will be the best set you’ll hear this season. If you wanna make out, come.

VD: How do you differ from the other DJ’s out there?

LV: I love all music, from hip-hop to country, electro to classical and I study them all ” literally. What I put together is never predetermined and is only guided by what I think will make the girls yell when they hear the next song. All my DJ friends in L.A. and I produce and are part of the best remix crews in the country so there’ll be some exclusives in the set as well as live remixes.

VD: What kind of music do you play?

LV: Booty shaking kind.

VD: How do you plan on impacting the future of electronic music?

LV: Like a bull.

VD: Is there anything we didn’t ask that we should know about you?

LV: Yes, I love long walks in the park on a brisk September afternoon, Andy Rooney, Ferris Beuller and Jeopardy.

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Name: “People know me as Larry Vision, but I was born Larry Castruita.”

Hometown: Vail.

Where are you based now: “I’ve been in L.A. for 10 years with a one-year hiatus in Costa Rica.”

Style or genre: “I play music that makes people take their clothes off.”

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