Docs who make house calls

Written by Kimberly Nicoletti
For the Vail Daily

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Photo by jack affleck

Though Vail is, first and foremost, a giant playground, sometimes a little medical advice and attention is in order. Rather than traipse to a hospital clinic, some opt for a concierge medical experience. Alpine Mobile Physicians has been providing convenient, professional medical house calls for residents and visitors of the Vail Valley for nearly 14 years. Their board-certified physicians have decades of experience and provide open, honest and understandable treatment. They offer oxygen and IVs, medication, pediatric services, expedited x-rays, altitude illness treatment and prevention and all general medical, orthopedic evaluations. The physicians also perform minor surgical procedures. 

As specialists in altitude treatment, their research center has a new, state-of-the art altitude simulation chamber, which replicates conditions of elevations from sea level up to 18,000 feet. The chamber aids in ongoing treatment, research and high-elevation training for athletes.

“Altitude sickness is very common in the Rocky Mountain elevations around 8,000 feet,” says Dr. Douglas Van Mayeda. “If left untreated, it may develop, on occasion, into more serious conditions. However, our altitude simulation chamber can provide the safe medical environment needed for recovery.”

To help prevent altitude sickness, Dr. Doug recommends staying rested and hydrated prior to travel, and contacting your physician prior to your trip on specific recommendations, as one’s medical history does play a role in susceptibilities.

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