Eagle County Sheriff’s Office reports

Suspect was too revealing

Residents of an Eagle-Vail apartment complex called deputies about a 41-year-old neighbor who was naked and appeared to be passed out in the outdoor common area April 23.

A deputy arrived and found the woman lying on a bench. She appeared to be passed out and was wearing shorts and an unbuttoned shirt with her breasts exposed. The officer roused her and explained that he had been called to check on her.

The woman was clearly intoxicated and had trouble keeping her balance when she stood up. She said she was sunbathing and didn’t like tan lines.

One of the neighbors who reported the 41-year-old said she was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong in the common area and was asked to put some clothes on. The woman became very confrontational and the resident retreated into her apartment.

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The resident said the 41-year-old pounded on the door until she answered and then cursed her out, saying she could do whatever she wants because she lives at the complex, too. At that point, the resident had her boyfriend call police.

The deputy arrested the 41-year-old for disorderly conduct, trespassing and public indecency. The woman was verbally abusive to the officer on the way to jail.

Burglars on the prowl in Eagle-Vail

Deputies suspect that someone tried to break into three locked cars at an Eagle-Vail apartment complex on U.S. Highway 6 around April 25. The vehicles’ locks appeared to be damaged by a screwdriver. The damage was estimated to be $1,000 for each car.

Wealthy hooligan

A deputy was patrolling a hotel in Cordillera April 27 when he heard a loud crash. He walked in the direction of the noise and saw a fire extinguisher on the ground surrounded by shards of glass. The officer looked up and saw a third-floor window that was broken.

The officer went up the stairs to find the room with the broken window and he found an ID that belonged to a 19-year-old man. It turned out the man was the person who threw the extinguisher out the window and he had also punched two holes in the wall.

The man denied responsibility for the damage, which was estimated at $2,500, but he paid for it so that the hotel wouldn’t press charges.

The deputy warned him for criminal mischief and possessing alcohol as a minor.

Money-order scam

A business in Edwards was scammed out of $933.33 April 29.

A man called a woman at the business and claimed to be a Western Union representative. He provided an operator number, phone numbers and computer information. He said there appeared to be a computer problem since Western Union had not received any money-wiring transactions from the Edwards company that day. He said he tried to fix the problem remotely and asked the woman to try the connection from her end. He told her to wire $933.33 to an account that turned out to be a prepaid debit card, to see if the transaction would go through. He promised her that Western Union would reverse the transaction afterward. The woman cooperated and then suspected she had been scammed and called police.

Bumper trucks

Deputies responded to an accident involving three semi trucks at a Gypsum parking lot April 30.

One truck driver said he went there to meet another truck driver who worked for the same company and give him a tarp for his trailer. He told his 43-year-old colleague to reposition his rig so that it was facing the opposite direction, which would make it easier to load the tarp.

The 43-year-old attempted a left turn and hit a third semi that was parked in the area. He then backed up, pulled forward and struck a large boulder, moving the rock about 14 feet.

At that point, the other drivers suspected the 43-year-old was under the influence of alcohol and called deputies.

The officers found several open bottles of whiskey and beer in the bedding of the 43-year-old’s cab. They asked him to perform voluntary roadside sobriety tests, which he failed. The suspect submitted to a breath test and was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was given notice of revocation for his license and his truck was towed. The damage to the trucks and parking area was estimated to be $10,000.

Officers showed him how

Deputies stopped a car on Interstate 70 near Wolcott April 25 because the driver had headphones in his ears.

While talking with the 23-year-old driver, the officers saw things that were typically indicative of drug smuggling, such as the plastic molding on the driver-side door being removed. Trash in the car suggested the driver and his sleeping passenger had been on the road for an extended period of time.

The driver said he was going back to Utah after dropping a friend off in Denver. He didn’t give the friend’s last name or remember specifically where he dropped him off, however.

The juvenile passenger told deputies that they were just out for a drive and said there was never another passenger in the car. The driver told the officers they shouldn’t listen to the boy’s version of events because he had been sleeping the whole time.

The man allowed the deputies to search the car. The deputies removed many things – including the rear seat – but didn’t find any concrete evidence that drugs were being smuggled in the car. They placed the items back in the car and the driver asked them how they removed the rear seat, since he had tried to do it before but couldn’t figure it out.

The 23-year-old was cited for driving with earbuds.

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