Mask-free grocery shopping begins at Village Market in Edwards, Walmart in Avon |

Mask-free grocery shopping begins at Village Market in Edwards, Walmart in Avon

City Market, Safeway, Walgreens still requiring masks

Tayfur Solak of Avon orders a sandwich Wednesday at Avon Bakery in Avon. Eagle County lifted its COVID-19 restrictions Wednesday, allowing fully-vaccinated people to not wear face masks indoors. Some chain retailers, however, are still requiring customers to wear masks.
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Vail grocery shoppers are still being asked to wear masks at Safeway and City Market, but Eagle County is now a jurisdiction that does not have a mask mandate.

At nearby Walmart in Avon, along with Village Market in Edwards, a mask-free grocery shopping experience greeted guests on Wednesday.

At Walgreens in Avon, one worker on Tuesday said although employees will still be wearing masks and will have signs up asking to customers to wear masks, as well, he expects the mask policy will be difficult to enforce.

A paradox greets Starbucks, which isn’t requiring masks as a chain, but since some of those Starbucks are inside Vail grocery stores where masks are still required, a mask is required in getting to those mask-free Starbucks shops.

An employee at Starbucks in Edwards on Tuesday said guests are welcome to walk in mask free starting Wednesday.

Walmart is asking guests who are not vaccinated to continue to wear a mask, but no proof of vaccination is required. Walmart employees who want to stop wearing a mask will be allowed to do so, but Walmart will make them show proof of vaccination.

Village Market employees will still be required to wear masks, but customers are welcome to shop mask-free.

Costco members and guests who are fully vaccinated can enter Costco without a face mask or face shield, as well, and proof of vaccination is not required. Costco says: “We ask for members’ responsible and respectful cooperation with this revised policy.”

Face coverings will still be required in health care settings, including pharmacy, optical, and hearing aid services.

“Costco continues to recommend that all members and guests, especially those who are at higher risk, wear a mask or shield,” reads the company statement.

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