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Our View: Working to bring communities together

On Friday, the 10th edition of Vail Vida Latina will be printed in the Vail Daily. The project is a collaboration involving local schools, organizations and nonprofits providing content in Spanish. Also, http://www.vaildaily.com is now available in Spanish via Google plug-in.

The Vail Daily hasn’t printed content in Spanish in years, and the idea to relaunch efforts revolved around our mission statement, “Bringing communities together,” which is printed on the cover of the newspaper every day. According to county data, about one in every three people living in Eagle County is Hispanic or Latino and nearly 30 percent of county residents speak a non-English language.

It is with this knowledge that the Vail Daily is striving to meet the needs of our Spanish-speaking population by providing a community connection that has been lacking across the valley for years. The Vail Daily is hoping to be that connector based on our availability — it’s hard to move around the valley and not see a bright blue box somewhere. And, now, also online.

While the translator plug-in for the website isn’t 100 percent accurate — it touts 90 percent accuracy — it is still a step in the right direction. Contributors to the Vail Vida Latina print section on Fridays strive for accuracy for the section’s readers.

The print section started as a collaboration with Battle Mountain High School, where teachers and students there were the first contributors. A huge thank you goes to Battle Mountain teachers Paola Baglietto Jacquemin, Miguel Salinas and Julieta Cavallo for helping get this project off of the ground, as well as their students who continue to write powerful feature pieces.

Since the first week we’ve printed Vail Vida Latina, we’ve added contributors from Eagle Valley High School, Red Canyon Elementary School, Walking Mountains, Mountain Recreation, the Vail Valley Foundation, Neighborhood Navigators and MIRA. We are looking to connect members of the community seeking the Spanish population, so if your organization would like to be included, please email assistant editor Ross Leonhart at rleonhart@vaildaily.com to start the process of being added.

Since printing Vail Vida Latina every Friday, we have received positive feedback from the community.

“A great idea. A very good way to create community,” one Facebook commenter said.

“People are messaging me right and left, people I haven’t met, saying how this is amazing,” one of the contributing teachers said. “The paper is consistently running out on Friday at the school.”

Our circulation manager David Hakes has been hard at work making sure papers are where they need to be on Fridays. Hakes also deserves credit for bringing up the initial question about how we could serve the valley’s Spanish-speaking population.

As a county, state and nation, it is important to look at how we can bring communities together, and that’s what Vail Vida Latina is designed to do.

The Vail Daily Editorial Board is publisher Mark Wurzer, editor Nate Peterson, assistant editor Ross Leonhart, director of special projects Ed Stoner, business editor Scott Miller, Eagle Valley Enterprise editor Pam Boyd and advertising director Holli Snyder.

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