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End run around gag order

Don Rogers

Restrained – thankfully – by a judge’s gag order, the attorneys in the Kobe Bryant rape case have found a new vehicle for going public: Never-ending motions.

Sure, the evidentiary stuff is part and parcel of the case, not to mention where the whole thing could be lost or won.

But motion and counter motion about who most wants the case to move faster? What a crock. It’s not even worth covering at this point. Mom wants the trial, the prosecutors want the trial, the defense team wants the the trial and Bryant himself wants the trial to happen sooner than later. We got it. So why gum things up even more with more paperwork?

The alleged victim’s family could simply change their phone number. The prosecutors could simply share what they are supposed to share in timely fashion. The defense team could perhaps focus on what evidence matters instead of going scattergun on everything.

If these folks really wanted to move things along, there are ways they each could help.

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Meantime, enough with the frankly stupid motions about speeding the trial. You are slowing things down. And not fooling anyone.

Mass distraction

The Commission of Mass Distraction, that the bipartisan group looking into the mistakes made before 9/11, has helped Richard Clarke sell his book and prompted President Bush to talk to the nation – all good, certainly.

But it does not seem to be accomplishing much more than refining finger-pointing to a fine art and fueling a silly debate over whether the government should apologize for Osama bin Ladin’s heinous deed.

It’s time to move on. Past time. Isn’t there a war to go win?


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