Grand prizes awarded in Corduroy contest |

Grand prizes awarded in Corduroy contest

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Special to the Daily The grand-prize winning drawing of Corduroy the bear by Peter Mitchell, a first grader at Red Sandstone Elementary School.

EAGLE COUNTY – Corduroy the bear is coming to the Vilar Center Wednesday and students have been creative in anticipation. Students were asked to draw pictures and write a one-page story to go along with the performance next week of the Corduroy story. Grand prizes went to Peter Mitchell, a Red Sandstone Elementary School first grader, for his drawing of Corduroy on stage, and to Sky Roetzel, a fourth grader at Meadow Mountain Elementary School for her story (printed below) about Corduroy’s trip to the ballet. Students in kindergarten and first and second grade drew pictures for the contest while third and fourth graders wrote stories. Winner’s by grade were: • Kindergarten – Grace Williams, St. Clare of Assisi

• First grade – Jaycey Beard, Brush Creek Elementary School• Second grade – Kaelyn Boe, Eagle Valley Charter Academy• Third grade – Corey Steinke, Red Sandstone Elementary School• Fourth grade – Angela Giovagnoli, home school

Roetzel’s award winning story: Corduroy was a teddy bear that went to the Vilar Center to see the Nutcracker ballet with his owner. On his way to his seat he saw a lot of different people in different clothes. There was a man that was big, bald and short. Corduroy thought he looked like a dentist. There was a woman that was skinny, tall and wore a big hat. Corduroy thought she was a super model. The lights were dimming so he went to his seat and the ballet began. At intermission, he noticed that he was missing a button. So he started looking for it. But he could not find it. By the time intermission was over he had not found it in the seats. Then the ballet began again. But that did not stop him from looking for the button. Pretty soon he found himself on the stage with the Christmas presents, under the giant Christmas tree. He found himself being picked up by a boy with buttons on his night shirt. Mice and the nutcracker were fighting viciously all around him. Then Corduroy grabbed onto the boy’s button and tried to pull it off. The boy finally noticed that Corduroy was not just a teddy bear. The boy screamed, “It’s alive.” But the battle music was so loud that no one heard him. The boy ran in circles holding on to his button, flying around. The boy was scared and embarrassed because he thought he had ruined the show.

Finally, Corduroy flew off and landed on the big, bald and short man’s belly with the button in his hands. The man didn’t notice that Corduroy was on his belly. But Corduroy noticed that the man had dental floss in his pocket. He must really be a dentist, thought Corduroy. He tried to borrow some dental floss to sew his button back on, but he did not want to scare the man, like he scared the boy. So he reached in the pocket carefully. The man felt something and without looking, flung Corduroy into the air again. He landed in his owner’s lap, luckily. He showed her the floss and button. She smiled and took a needle out of her pocket and sewed the button back on. They watched the rest of the show with Corduroy on her lap. It was a great show and Corduroy asked to come back next year. Prizes in the contest included toys from Wishes toy store, Alpine Bank piggy banks, tickets to Vilar Center performances, ice cream, pizza and ice skating, among others. Vail, Colorado

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