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Graven images

Don Rogers

The truly graven image is the one of mobs tearing at Scandinavian embassies and consulates over cartoons.

There’s no greater testament to the Islamic world’s utter backwardness, poverty of spirit and thoughtless trampling than this.

Muslims are living their Dark Ages right now.

In nations where a sister religion, Judaism, is routinely caricatured in newspaper cartoons, suddenly the masses are inflamed over Mohammad appearing in cartoons ” respectfully and not so respectfully ” for a contest four months ago in a Danish newspaper.

Mocking another’s religion indeed is offensive. Jesus portrayed in elephant dung, Jews as Nazis or Mohammad as a clown. So is The New York Times defending profane exhibits of Christianity as “art” while pooh-poohing the cartoons not completely respectful of Islam. It’s a sort of we’re civilized and so held to a higher standard than these poor bastards who do violence over the hallmark of a free press. Worse, those committing the violence routinely commit the very sin against Judaism.

Funny world.

Amir Taheri, author of “L’Irak: Le Dessous Des Cartes,” asserts in The Wall Street Journal that there is no Quranic or historical injunction against images of Mohammad or any other prophet. No, this is the work of militant political groups operating under the guise of religion. Well, a couple of governments, too. Basically, as the Ku Klux Klan was to Christianity, the Muslim Brotherhood and others, like al-Qaida, are to Islam.

The faith has been hijacked for political purposes. An old story. Christianity occasionally endures those throes. It’s just the Muslim groups for the moment are strong enough to speak for the whole faith in ways that are horrifying to the vast majority of adherents.

The mass violence over cartoons in another land far away show how far so many have come from their own faith’s fundamental tenets.

Taheri argues, eye for an eye, that an offensive cartoon should be answered with another cartoon, not burning embassies and killing people.

Of course, that would require a level of logic and intellectualism not found in madrasses. Islam’s Dark Age is casting an ugly shadow across the world.

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