Town of Gypsum launches discussion on tiny homes |

Town of Gypsum launches discussion on tiny homes

GYPSUM — Living tiny, in a stand-alone residence of 300 square feet or less, is gaining huge traction nationwide.

To date, however, it’s a big problem to find a spot in Eagle County to set up a tiny home. But the town of Gypsum is launching a discussion next month to consider the issue.

“The tiny homes issue just sprung up in town. We have had a lot of interest,” said Cindy Schwartz, Gypsum’s assistant town planner and code enforcement office. “It’s just a hot market issue.”

Schwartz said some property owners in Gypsum have expressed interest in developing tiny home communities, further prompting the discussion. She noted that the town is looking at specific areas for tiny home development, not a plan to allow tiny residences in already established neighborhoods.

‘Mixed Reviews’

On Wednesday, March 1, the Gypsum Planning Commission will have a discussion of both accessory dwelling units (often referred to as mother-in-law apartments) and tiny homes. Following the discussion, the planning commission will offer a recommendation for the Gypsum Town Council, with discussion slated for Tuesday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 28.

Schwartz noted the accessory dwelling unit discussion in Gypsum has been going on for the past three or four years. “These type of units are spread out all over the town and we have had mixed reviews about them,” Schwartz said. “Town of Gypsum community leaders are exploring the opportunity of ADUs to assist with the need for additional and affordable housing. The goals are to create safe, less expensive housing while also complying with municipal code standards. The units will be registered in order for emergency service personnel to be aware of where an emergency may exist.”

“A discussion on tiny homes will take place to determine draft language regulations on where a community of these types of homes could potentially be placed in the town,” Schwartz continued.

Schwartz said issues that will be addressed by the planning commission include:

• Building code requirements

• Inspections

• Zoning requirements

• Registration

• Fees

• Parking requirements

For additional information about this topic, contact Schwartz at 970-524-1750 or email at