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‘Headucators’ set up a shop in Vail Village

Headucator Eric "Minishred" Sundblad examines the helmet supply at Pedego/Crainologie, a new helmet fitting business on Wall Street in Vail Village.
John LaConte |

VAIL — That new helmet you picked out may look better than the others, but does it actually fit?

Calling themselves “headucators,” the specialists at Pedego/Craniologie in Vail Village have news for you — just because it looks like it fits, doesn’t mean it actually fits.

“When you don’t have a properly fitted helmet, there will be void spaces inside the helmet,” said headucator Joe Henderson. “If you have an impact and it happens to be in that void space, it dramatically increases the chances of concussion or brain damage.”

The Pedego/Craniologie shop is located in the new Wall Street building behind Vendetta’s in Vail Village. Walk through the door and the headucators can usually tell right away which helmet manufacturer is going to be best for you.

“There’s a lot of different companies making helmets, and they all make different shaped helmets,” he said. “Usually a person will go into a shop, try a few helmets on and pick the one they think looks best on them.”

Not at Pedego/Craniologie. Henderson and the headucators get out the measuring tools, size you up and then pick a helmet for you.


At their shop in Breckenridge, headucators have found that the customer is not always right.

“Style is important,” said Henderson. “So ultimately a customer is going to pick what they want to pick. But we make sure they know a few things about the size and shape of their own head so they’re educated about their choice. If you’re super stoked on the helmet that has the Swarovski crystals on it, but that one doesn’t fit you properly, we’re not going to try to make an easy sale on that helmet. We’re going to fight you and get you into something that’s actually going to protect you.”

Henderson said by this winter, Pedego/Craniologie will have virtually every make, model and size of snowsport helmets on the market, so they can recommend an already-existing helmet without having to go into special ordering and the other things that can make the process costly for the consumer.

“After we recommend the helmet that’s best for you, should you decide to go with that helmet, one thing you will have a lot of choice in is color,” Henderson said. “We’re going to have a size run for every single color option for every single model.”

Pedego/Craniologie also has a wide variety of cycling and skateboarding helmets, full face and half shell, and will use the same process of measuring and matching to pick the right helmet for your summer activities.

“People run into the same issues with summer helmets, of course,” he said. “With a lot of these activities taking place on pavement or hard dirt with rocks and trees nearby, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a properly fitted helmet for your spring, summer, fall activities as well as your winter sports.”


If you already have a helmet or two that you like, then you can bring it into Pedego/Craniologie and have the headucators tell you a few things you may not have known about your helmets.

“You are supposed to replace a helmet every three to five years, because the EPS foam dries out and if you have an impact, it disintegrates,” Henderson said. “We invite people to come in, bring their own stuff and we can check it to see if there’s any cracks or compression in it, or if the foam is dried out.”

There’s no charge for that service, Henderson said.

“We’re here to become a part of the community, not just try to sell to people,” Henderson said.

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