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High-Tech Kid

Cindy Ramunno
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyLouis Romersheuser has gained a reputation for knowing how to fix just about anything electric.

Louis (Sunshine) and Barbara Romersheuser had to have known early on that their son Louis was good with technical things. He always set his mom’s wristwatch for any change due to daylight savings time, ensured that all the clocks in the house were right and was king of the remote control for the TV.

“I was fascinated by anything that used remote control ” boats, cars, airplanes, helicopters, the whole gamut,” says Romersheuser.

But later on, when Romersheuser was in seventh grade, his parents knew for sure that their youngest child had a gift in the area of technology. That was the year that the family was using GPS and Palm Pilots and Eagle Valley Middle School was teaching classes involving the River Watch and computer video production.

“The editing world was just beginning to open up … it really was eye-opening, fun and exciting,” says Romersheuser.

Romersheuser took his skills on to Eagle Valley High School, where he helped with the 2003 project-graduation show and helped with various team shows at sports banquet nights. He also helps some of the teachers with technical programs.

This year, when the school’s wrestling team hosted a fundraiser waiting tables at the Grand Avenue Grill, Romersheuser was the only wrestler with a digital name tag.

Teacher Jennifer Wright says that during the last four years, Romersheuser has stopped by her classroom to say ‘hi’ every morning.

“I’m not quite sure how I’m going to start my days off next year without Louis greeting me in the morning,” says Wright. She also says that Romersheuser is an asset to the school for technology issues. “Louis has the biggest heart I know! He is always more than willing to perform any task asked of him, especially when it involves any form of technology. He is the first person I go to for questions about my I-Pod, my computer, my programs, etc … he always has the solution for my tech problems!”

Although he’s not sure where he’ll go to college, Romersheuser is interested in pursuing a degree in business, with a possible emphasis in marketing, advertising, or engineering technology. First, he’ll work for his dad during the summer doing electrical work.

“My heroes are my dad because he is living his dream and my sister who is on the edge of making her dream come true, too,” says Romersheuser. His older sister, Jean, is currently in college. “They believe in themselves and are willing to work hard to get there.”

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