Inception solves the ‘take down the lights’ burden |

Inception solves the ‘take down the lights’ burden

The GH Daniels Landscape Center holiday display lights up U.S. Highway 6 between Eagle and Gypsum. The company is offering a new LED lighting product called Inception that can remain up all year and can change color with the season.
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GYPSUM — With the holidays over, one of the year’s most despised burdens is upon us.

It is time to take down the Christmas lights.

But what if we didn’t have to? Now, plainly, some people subscribe to that philosophy and leave their lighting up into June. But what if there was a way to leave Christmas lighting in place in a way that was appropriate instead of tacky?

Jody Daniels at GH Daniels Landscape Center has that solution available.

The product is called Inception lighting and it is an LED product that can change color for the season at the touch of an Ipad.

Motorists along U.S. Highway 6 between Eagle and Gypsum have had the chance to see the Inception product in practice this month. The Landscape Center installed a vivid holiday display that included festooned trees and some large spheres and a pair of snowmen holding a “Happy Holidays” sign. With its LED lighting, the decorations attracted a lot of notice. But over to the side, the company’s shade structure was outlined with a strand of lights that shown white some of the time, colors at others. That’s the Inception product and it won’t be coming down after the holidays’ end.

Expanding business

Daniels noted that the garden center offers Christmas decoration services as a way to supplement its nursery operation during the winter months.

“Business is competitive these days and we wanted to be diversified,” Daniels said.

“We started getting creative,” he continued. “Decorating our yard lets us give an example of what we do.”

That’s how he came across the Inception product.

“You can keep it up indefinitely and the color can fit the season,” he said.

Daniels believes Inception is a particularly good fit for commercial operations, giving them the opportunity to light up for special occasions — Empire State Building style. Daniels noted that business often have to comply with sign restrictions, but lighting restrictions are often less restrictive.

The system needs a Wi-Fi connection and Apple software, Daniels said. Inception lights are more expensive than regular LED strands — in the $15 to $20 per foot range.

“We compare it to the cost of artificial turf. It isn’t cheap, but it will last,” Daniels said.

“They have taken into account light pollution concerns in the development of this Inception product,” Daniels added. “You couldn’t do that with the old incandescent lights.”

Daniels welcomes questions about the product and invites anyone interested in the option to drop by the Landscape Center, located between Eagle and Gypsum on U.S. Highway 6.

“When something starts new, it take awhile for it to catch on,” Daniels said.

To learn more about the Inception product and GH Daniels Landscape Center services, call 970-524-5010 or email or toby@


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