Jesse Horton sculpting at Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek

Jesse Horton returns to Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek this weekend.
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BEAVER CREEK — When Jesse Horton gets a phone call it could be a request for him to captain a sailing vessel through the islands of the South Pacific, or maybe they need a submarine pilot for a research project off the coast of Costa Rica. Just as possible is an inquiry about his latest monumental bronze creation. Horton is all of these things: Captain, pilot, bronze sculptor. An odd combination? Not for someone who grew up on the island of Bermuda as the son of an internationally known artist. To Horton, being creative is as natural as breathing and the ins and outs of sculpting was learned by osmosis from his late father, Walt, and other amazing artists that frequented their studio.

More than One Passion

“There’s room,” Horton said, “to have a passion for more than one thing. Mine is the ocean on one hand and the art of creating bronze sculpture on the other.”

Horton will be sculpting in his namesake gallery, Horton Fine Art, during the Beaver Creek Art Festival today and Sunday. He has just returned from Rome so there will be plenty to talk about. There, he spent two intense weeks working with world class sculptors during the day and studying the art of masters such as Bernini and Michelangelo after hours. A special treat was the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Vatican in the restoration department.

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Play with Clay

Visitors are invited to Horton Fine Art to see Horton turn a lump of clay into something wonderful.

The Horton Fine Art Gallery is located in the Beaver Creek Plaza, at the promenade level of the Hyatt building. For information, please call 970-949-1660.

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