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Let the river run through it

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail, Colorado CO

Nothing wrong with the other projects that earned portions of $2.4 million in restoration money along the Eagle River, but we rather like what we’ll call the Eaton Ponds.

It’s nice to come out in favor of something dealing with the 72-acre Eaton Ranch purchase for open space. The Daily objected strongly to Eagle County, which, in our view, squandered a lot of money for a little land ” land that largely made up a gravel pit at the heart of Edwards.

Ponds and wetlands in that area, not to mention some trees, will make a big difference, though. The Vail Valley Foundation earned $63,000 for the project from the National Resource Damage Fund account set up from payments by Viacom Inc.

The conglomeration owed the money as the owner of the polluted Eagle Mind upstream of Minturn.

That and $1.39 million worth of restoration work directly on the Eagle River in the area between Edwards Bridge and the Hillcrest Drive Bridge will make for nice touches.

Minturn won $932,033 for phase two of its restoration work on the river running through town. Curiously, that town’s mayor argued against the project, saying he was speaking as a citizen and not the mayor. Um, but Hawkeye Flaherty is the mayor.

That bell is a bit difficult to unring.

It’s also a bit difficult to fathom what the mayor, er, ordinary citizen, has against what seems to be a thoughtful plan to the experts in the field.

The funds are a windfall for the river long abused by the toxins leaking from the mine, as well as development along its course.

The damage-fund work group will take these recommendations to the state Department of Public Health and Environment’s board for final decisions.

We look forward to the work starting.

” D.R.

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