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Letters to the edit

Joseph D. Hoy

I would like to recognize and thank a group of men and woman, volunteers mainly, who provide a valuable and often under recognized service to both locals and visitors of Eagle County.They answer the call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Weather, terrain or the time of year rarely affect their dedication to complete the missions they are called to. They respond to locations and environmental conditions that I have a hard time even imagining. In 2005, The Vail Mountain Rescue Group responded to 81 missions totaling 3,537 man hours. Hiking, skiing (downhill and cross country) and snowmobile rescues comprise 75 percent of these missions, with 117 individuals rescued. Twenty-one of the 81 missions required medical aid to be performed at the scene, demonstrating the training of the individuals dedicated to search and rescue. Search and rescue volunteers also participated in over 180 hours of public education and demonstrations in an effort to inform Eagle County citizens and visitors of the hazards and precautions necessary for travel in the back country. The county sheriff has many statutory duties, as established by the state of Colorado. One of those duties is the sheriff’s role and responsibility in coordinating search and rescue operations within his jurisdiction. The dedication and determination of the individuals who participate in these search and rescue groups have made this part of my job much easier. Thank you all for your devotion and selflessness to Eagle County. Joseph D. HoySheriffGreat decisionCommissioners Stone, Menconi, and Runyon: My appreciation for your efforts toward the review of the proposed Palmerosa Ranch subdivision is immense. The time reviewing each revision, asking tough questions, and separating wheat from chaff was incredible. The ultimate findings by the commissioners that the proposal wasn’t compatible with the surrounding land uses and the potential detrimental impact to the wildlife (including, but not limited to the elk) was stupendous! Thank you for listening to my concerns in reference to the density, water (potable/sewer-septic and irrigation/agricultural vs. domestic water rights), view corridors, traffic, and the wildlife! You also understood my angst for the “proposed” covenants, and the continued enforcement of said covenants.Commissioners, each one of you truly earned my respect – you had the cojones to step up and vote correctly on the proposal, as was placed in front of you by the applicant. I should have known that you didn’t need my “help” in this area! Thank you for the opening of eyes, ears and minds. To the initiation of dialogue between neighbors, proposed developers, open space and wildlife experts – I know that I have come away from this process with a lot of newfound knowledge. It’s been worth every sleepless night and hours spent researching the issues!Kim V. WestVail, Colorado

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