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Letters to the editor


Great work

Kudos to the team of local citizens who have made the Community Health Plan become a reality.

The doctors and the hospital have been generous in reducing rates to allow the insurers to reduce their premiums. But nothing would have happened without two years of persistence and smart thinking by three dedicated individuals: Robin Litt of the VVTCB; Kim Wolfe from Slifer Designs; and Pat Donovan from Vail Resorts. Robin, Kim and Pat – you are awesome and we thank you!

Beth Slifer

Dislikes counsel

I am writing for the poor people in the Eagle County jail. Yes, you have poor people in Vail.

Not everyone in jail is a hardened criminal. I am speaking for the people who have made minor mistakes and are in need of legal counsel. Mr. Kenneth Michael Barker is the only deputy public defender assigned to represent Eagle County’s poor and he is totally incompetent. He refuses to look at his client’s file and any offers the DA’s office is presenting.

Right this very minute the poor are being denied “due process.” Mr. Barker is rude and his conduct needs investigating. He is an insult to the legal profession.

There are people in jail right now who should have been released long ago, Mr. Barker. Get off your butt and do the job for which you are getting paid, or step aside and let someone who is still honest, honorable and humble show you how it’s suppose to be done.

Sharon Noble


Bob Fiske’s letter on John F. Kennedy article was coherent and believable up to the last three paragraphs, when his extrapolative conjecture and conclusions reek with his ideological agenda. (LBJ, a liberal Democrat, it is highly likely, may have been head of “the dark forces in government” you refer to – based upon his known actions and previously suppressed evidence).

One other thing: This kind of historical revisionism burns me up. John Kennedy was a cold warrior from the get-go. Remember he ran against the Eisenhower administration’s “missile gap” (he claimed). He got us initially into Vietnam. Take it from one who was also inspired by and voted for him, celebrated at his inauguration and inaugural ball, and was riding the bus to the airplanes on the way to invading Cuba, on his orders before being called back – John McDonough, USAF Academy, class of 1961.

John McDonough

Moving on

To the community of Vail Valley, thank you so very much for all of your kind words, offers of support, and calls regarding our situation with our dog Harley at the Red Canyon Town homes. Believe me, it made an impact.

My landlord, Scott Prince notified me that Harley can stay – only because we got a letter from Ashlie’s therapist stating that the dog is good for her recovery process. Kent at Rock Properties told my wife that he can stay for the remainder of our lease. That means, we move in 11 months?

I had a long talk with Scott Prince today. He asked that anything I send to the Vail Daily should be approved by himself and the Home Owners Association first. I reminded Scott about a piece of paper called the Constitution of the United States, and something about the 1st Amendment. Last I checked, the HOA couldn’t vote that out, can it? Just kidding. Anyway, Scott didn’t want me sending anything else to upset the HOA.

We have been told we can stay for 11 months with our dog. We have been told that our every step will be watched. We have been told that if one pile of hud goes untouched, or the dog barks once, our landlord will be fined. Then he in return will fine us.

So what should we do? Stay there and live in fear. I mean it almost feels like a communist community, or do we get out of our lease (which Scott is willing to do) and take up on one of the many offers we received from this wonderful community. We’ll all I can say is, good bye Red Canyon Townhomes, hello to the real Vail Valley. God bless you all for opening your hearts and letting us know that the majority of Vail truly are wonderful people. We look forward to raising our children here and continuing the great friendships we have built through all of this.

Michael and Amber Olsen

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