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Letters to the editor

Buddy Doll

In response to the many letters concerning Marty Lich and Frosty Wooldridge’s comments concerning illegal aliens living and working in the USA, if an American citizen wants to go to Mexico, England, India, Saudi Arabia, or any number of other countries in the world to work, they are required to obtain proper work visa’s for that purpose. This documentation is not free, and it is not overlooked or waived, especially for Americans.

Therefore, why should the American government allow foreign nationals to come in to this country to work without a proper work visa in their possession?

I am getting very tired of hearing about how the illegals in this country only take the jobs that Americans won’t take because of the low wages offered. I started my working life at 14 years old for 50 cents an hour shoveling coal and filling gas tanks. I put up hay for 5 cents a bale, and worked in the local sawmill for $2.50 an hour. I have worked alongside illegals on construction sites as a laborer, making the same wages they make; the only difference between us was that they got paid cash under the table, on which neither they nor the employer paid taxes.

I have spent a great deal of the past 28 years working overseas. The money I have made on these jobs is not generated within the domestic economy, but unless I meet very stringent guidelines which will allow a portion of my wages to be tax exempt, I am still expected to pay federal and state taxes on it. These taxes go to pay for the schools, social services, and other infrastructure which make this country work, and I generally use this infrastructure for an less than three months a year.

A huge portion of the money paid to the illegal work force in this country by unscrupulous employers is exported to economies where it translates from 10 to 20 times its worth here. When I was in Mexico on vacation a few years back, my companion injured her leg and needed to go to the local hospital. Before the doctor would even inspect the injury, I was directed to the cashier, where I was required to pay $500 up front. In America people, legal and illegal, are able to secure medical help regardless of their financial position at the time.

Illegals are able to send their children to schools they don’t help support and obtain social services to which they don’t contribute. It’s no secret that illegal aliens pay exorbitant fees to slave traders on both sides of the border to get in to America. My question is, rather than pay slave traders to sell them in to another dodgy livelihood, why don’t they put that money toward building a solid community within their own country where their children would have a future?

My other question is why don’t the authorities here in America start enforcing the immigration laws instead of driving by known offending businesses with blinders on? It is also time that unscrupulous, greedy employers in this country start hiring from the legal labor pool rather than hiring illegals in order to realize a greater profit margin and not have to pay personnel benefits.

This situation could also be helped by consumers refusing to patronize businesses that engage illegal help. The American government (spelled “the people”) doles out untold billions of tax dollars in foreign aid to governments where 98 percent of the wealth is controlled by 1 or 2 percent of the population. Mexico, to cite one example only, sits atop one of the greatest oil reserves in the world, yet how much of the money extracted from that resource is spent on the people of Mexico? Very, very little. While many of the world’s population are starving to death, their leaders are busily rifling their country’s coffers and spending it on lavish life styles and properties in places such as Vail, Beaver Creek, Palm Springs, London, Paris, Switzerland, etc., much to the delight of the local real estate markets.

At the same time, these leaders are dispatching their envoys to Washington with their begging bowls, pleading unfair trade laws and lobbying for preferential treatment within our markets. As I write this, our esteemed president is deep in negotiations with President Fox of Mexico aimed at giving temporary citizenship to 8 million illegals, which would give them the right to vote in the upcoming national elections. Is it just my imagination, or does it seem somewhat self-serving that Mr. Bush’s magnanimous offer will run out for these people just prior to the 2008 elections, at which point term limits will prevent him from running for office again?

I have nothing whatsoever against helping those more unfortunate than myself, but I think that it’s time we start addressing the problems of our own citizens before we start trying to repair the manifest ills of the rest of the world. We actually have American citizens living on the street and starving to death, for a variety of reasons, and it’s unbelievable to me that the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the face of the earth can attempt to justify outsourcing work and hiring illegal immigrants until our own people are taken care of.

Why should I be considered a bigot, or a racist because I feel that people who avail themselves of the services in this country should help pay for them?

I know exactly where I would end up if I were attempting to live and work illegally in India, Lebanon, Israel, Mexico or a multitude of other countries, and the courts wouldn’t be offering me a mouthpiece at state expense. If you want fair treatment by the system, then treat the system fairly.

I know there will be rebuttals to my comments, and I welcome them because freedom of thought and speech is just one of the many things that make this the greatest country in the world to live in. I ask only that whoever decides to answer me digests and thinks about the things I have said rather than arguing for argument’s sake.

Buddy Doll


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