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Letters to the editor


wrong folks

I’m more than a little curious where you get your opinion about the wee merry folk here in Minturn. (RE: Quicktakes on 1-9-03).

Who’s “pooh-poohing” the potential RV customers? No one. Many of us in town own RVs, use the KOA network, and enjoy the people we meet when we’re there. Elitism, my ass.

Most all of us work full-time jobs, wives included. We try our best to raise decent kids and still try and keep up on local issues.

Where did you come up with the idea in the fourth paragraph where you say the folks in Minturn have no use for the people of Vail, Avon and Edwards?

If you’re referring to Cliff Thompson’s article on Jan. 7, where he quotes Darin Tucholke, all he said was Minturn “might become more like it’s neighbor Vail, Avon and Beaver Creek, where multi-million dollar municipal budgets and seasonal employees numbering into the hundreds are the norm.”

The gang here has tons of friends up and down the valley and have plenty of use for all of them.

Please stick to the real issues our small town is concerned about with the RV park proposal, Mr. Rogers. These include: the town presenting a sound business plan for the park, traffic, geologic hazard, wildlife impact and visual concerns.

Many of us in town support the idea of an RV park and appreciate all the time that town staff have spent developing a concept that could ensure the sustainability of the town’s infrastructure.

We simply want to make sure that it is well researched by the town and staff.

Who knows, by taking our time and doing it right, we may lock into the lowest interest rates (back to Cliff’s article) in 50 years to finance the project.

Pete Vance


New Year’s Eve

victims update

Dan Watt worked with our team at the Arrowhead Alpine Club.

The club staff and the members remember his super friendly and accommodating attitude and the funny way he talked. He really is a great guy, and we miss him.

Dan, along with his buddy Justin Rockman from Australia, were the victims of the alcohol-related auto accident which occurred New Year’s Eve in Vail on the Frontage Road.

Justin is recovering and has returned to work. He had received numerous broken ribs and a facial fracture.

Dan, who is also from Australia, sustained severe head injuries and remains in a coma in Denver Health Hospital. His mother and sisters are with him and are in the process of making arrangements to have him flown back home to Australia.

The Larkin family of Denver has been most generous and hospitable in sharing their home with the Dan’s mom and sister.

A fund has been established to help the Watt family with the enormous medical and transportation expenses that they will be incurring. The cost of the medical flight alone will exceed $50,000.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and may be mailed to Vail Valley Cares, P.O. Box 1242, Edwards, CO 81632. Please note Dan’s name on the donation.

Bob Moroney

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