Lindsey Vonn Foundation making dreams come true through scholarship program |

Lindsey Vonn Foundation making dreams come true through scholarship program

Application deadline for ages 11-18 is March 15 for summer scholarships

Lindsey Vonn used grit, determination and passion to become a legend of ski racing before retiring in February. Through her foundation, she’s helping the next generation of young women pursue their own passions — whatever they might be — through a scholarship program twice a year.

In 2018, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation awarded more than $83,000 to 30 girls across the country to support academic and enrichment opportunities.

Applications for the summer scholarships are available now and close Friday, March 15. Applications can be found online at (Awarded twice a year, the fall deadline is in September and the summer deadline is in March.)

Scholarships are available for $100 and up to $5,000 for all genders, ages 11-18, with other eligibility requirements including financial need and limiting scholarships to one per year per student, but up to three total.

‘Made the difference’

Princess Lang, 17, is a junior at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Thanks to a scholarship from the Lindsey Vonn Foundation in 2018, she was able to further her passion for musical theater. (Photo Special to the Daily)

“During that process, I just wrote about myself, what I did and what I would like the scholarship for,” said Princess Lang, 17, a scholarship recipient in the fall.

Lang is a junior at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, pursuing her passion for musical theater.

“When I was younger I watched the movie ‘Dreamgirls’ and Beyonce as Deena just did something to me,” she said. “I just had to do this with my life.”

However pursuing her dream at the Chicago Academy for the Arts came with a financial burden, which the Lindsey Vonn Foundation jumped in to help with after seeing the scholarship application from Princess.

“It totally made the difference,” her mom, Kisha, said. “Her being a junior, I wanted to keep her in the same school, but financially it is a strain paying that kind of tuition for a high school. So this is a great help alleviating some of the stress.”

Vonn picks each of her scholarship winners, some looking into careers in medicine and others pursuing athletic endeavors.

“It’s great to watch these girls,” said Vonn’s sister, Laura Kildow, who oversees the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. “All of them are great.”

In addition to the scholarships, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation also hosts all-girls camps in the summer (this year’s location TBD), where Vonn is available all throughout the weekend. The foundation also promotes anti-bullying programs and continues to grow and make a difference.

“I thought she was going to slow down after retirement,” Kildow said of her famous sister.

However, she continues to pursue other passions now, including philanthropy.

“I’m trying to get Princess to understand that you don’t have to get paid for everything and sometimes it’s good to just show people your heart,” Kisha Lang said. “I think that’s something both of us captured from Lindsey being the giver that she is.”

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