Man robs West Vail Liquor Mart |

Man robs West Vail Liquor Mart

VAIL – A Denver man didn’t do quite enough braking while breaking and entering a local liquor store.

Just after 4 a.m. Wednesday, Moses Antonio Heguy, Jr., 42, drove his Jeep Cherokee into the West Vail Liquor Mart’s front doors and stole three bottles of wine, Vail police said.

Heguy maneuvered his Jeep up the sidewalk on the building’s east side, so all he had to climb over was a curb instead of trying to make the truck climb the steps in front of the building, police said.

Once he worked his way into position and crashed into the doors, he allegedly stole the wine and left.

The store has a sophisticated security system, and easily determined that something pretty awful was happening.

Vail police and firefighters were on the scene in moments, but Heguy and his Jeep were gone when they arrived, police said.

Police entered the store and checked to see if anyone was inside. There wasn’t. It was, after all, 4 a.m.

While police were finishing up their investigation, Heguy returned to the scene, which was still conspicuously populated with Vail police vehicles.

He parked his Jeep in one of the store’s reserved parking spaces in front of the building, leaving it running with the keys in it. Vail police arrested him immediately.

It’s the first time the store has been robbed, said Laurie Mullin, one of the owners.

“The Vail police, fire department and everyone involved was great and very professional. I was very impressed with them,” Mullin said.

The store opened on time Wednesday morning.

Heguy’s motorized mishap broke the double doors and other panes of glass along the front of the store. He was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the burglary.

“At least no one was injured,” said Sgt. Bill Claussen. “He managed to avoid injury despite the amount of broken glass he created.”

Heguy faces charges of DUI, second-degree burglary, violation of a restraining order and criminal mischief – felonies. Because he violated a restraining order by drinking while under a restraining order, he’s being held in the Eagle County Jail without bail until a judge advises him of his charges and bond can be set, Claussen said.

Heguy hadn’t been in contact with Vail police before, but he’s been riding the wheels of justice for years, police said. There’s also an outstanding felony warrant from Denver, Claussen said.

“It’s his first time for us. It’s not the first time he’s had contact with law enforcement agencies,” said Vail Police Sgt. Bill Claussen. “He’s having a rough day.”

He’s on probation in Jefferson County for a misdemeanor protection violation. There’s a separate case for misdemeanor domestic abuse and false imprisonment, according to his criminal records.

Then in Denver he saw his charges for second-degree assault with a weapon, felony menacing and false imprisonment reduced to a misdemeanor.

His jury trial on the Denver charges is scheduled for June.

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