Men report UFO sighting in Silverthorne |

Men report UFO sighting in Silverthorne

Caitlin Row
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

SILVERTHORNE, Colorado – “It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It definitely wasn’t Superman,” said Rod Pscholka, a Silverthorne resident.

So what did Pscholka and his two friends see while sitting on the deck of his Ptarmigan Mountain home Sunday afternoon? They say they saw a flying object, of the unidentifiable variety, and want to know if they’re the only ones who beheld the strange sight.

“We couldn’t tell what we were seeing,” Pscholka said. “It was far enough out there, we couldn’t tell what it was. It was maybe 15-feet long. It was pretty weird, whatever it was. Maybe it’s the Air Force.”

According to Pat Mauro, who lives in Bailey and was visiting Pscholka for the weekend, the “thing” traveled around the Gore Range around 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

Mauro says the object they saw wasn’t a plane or helicopter – he said he thought maybe there was a weather balloon above it.

“It looked like it had a balloon above it, and then all these little round objects were flying around it,” Mauro said.

Both Mauro and Pscholka said the object flew toward a meadow filled with elk, scared the animals and then floated out of sight. The whole episode lasted between five and 10 minutes.

“It was really, really weird,” Mauro said. “It was too big to be a bird. The way it scared the elk was really strange. It was like it was checking out the elk. The way it was connected and moving, I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

So far, these guys are the only ones reporting the unexplained flying object.

Veronica Nicholas, Silverthorne’s public information officer, said no one else reported any unusual sightings to the Silverthorne Police Department Sunday.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center website (, the last reported UFO sighting in Colorado was in Denver May 31.

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