Minturn Council candidate: Floyd Duran |

Minturn Council candidate: Floyd Duran

Preston Utley/Vail DailyMinturn Town Council canidate Floyd Duran, a former public works director and former councilman, at a Minturn institution " the Turntable diner.

MINTURN ” Floyd Duran is fond of classic cars, and grew up at a time when driving down the streets of Minturn in a ’52 Chevy at age 11 was OK.

“I got into them even when I was small,” said Duran, who is now restoring a 1970 Chevelle SS.

Now, Duran is driving a campaign to secure a seat on the Minturn Town Council ” not the first time he has worked for the town. He put in 10 years heading up Minturn’s public works department, where, he said, he learned about the town and met many residents.

“As public works director, I feel you should be there for the people and I feel the same for the council,” Duran said.

Duran also served on the council from 1994 to 1995 before becoming public works director and stepping down, he said.

“It takes a year or two before you know how the government works,” Duran said. “I know exactly what’s coming up in Minturn, the structure and what needs to be done in Minturn.”

Duran’s goal is to steer the town’s future.

“I’m part of the town, so I’d like to see it go in the right direction,” he said.

Duran owns several dumptrucks collectively know as Two Little Dogs Trucking, heads up Minturn’s cemeteries and once was a Minturn volunteer firefighter, he said.

When the Eagle Mine operated, Duran worked underground drilling and blasting.

“It’s a whole different world down there,” Duran said. “You have to depend on your partner. You’re cut off from the rest of the world.”

I’m not in favor or against the project, but it will go through no matter what, and Minturn needs to guide this development through and look at the long-term help for Minturn and its effect to the town.

The only impact is traffic at the start of construction. After that, we well have to look at how much Minturn will need for support of this development and they will have to pay their way so it won’t be a burden to Minturn and affect its citizens.

The money should be spent on infrastructure of roads, sidewalks, recreation and used to better Minturn and its citizens.

The issues are the Ginn project, infrastructure, employees and projects for citizens to enjoy. All of these issues should be addressed by citizens and town staff. Council will have to decide the importance of each issue and address them accordingly with what funds are available and the staff’s ability to accomplish them.

Yes, because business is the main tax provider of a town. What Minturn needs is to bring in more retail to draw people in. If there is nowhere to shop people won’t come in to town. Also parking needs to be addressed.

I have lived in Minturn all my life, and have served on council before. It takes about two years to know how government works and I have done that. I was also the public works director for 10 years and know Minturn inside and out. I also will listen to the citizens of Minturn to make all my decisions.

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