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Mixed reviews on Seibert Circle design

Tamara Miller
Special to the DailyThe new design for Vail Seibert Circle, by a Boulder-area artist, got mixed reviews from Vail locals and visitors.

VAIL – Monolithic. Traditional. Overdone. Natural.If Vail’s town leaders intended to adorn Seibert Circle with something less divisive than what was there before, they may have to take the latest proposal back to the drawing board.”It’s a touch harsh,” said Brian Erley, responding to an artist’s rendering of the latest sculpture design proposed for the top of Bridge Street. Erley, a Lyons resident who comes up to Vail quite often, said he’d rather the town leaders put something “softer” at the top of Bridge Street.But Verna Cavey liked what she saw: the four-sided, tapered column with a relief on each side, surrounded by bushes and several water spouts. “I like the use of water and greenery, it makes it look natural,” she said, adding that the Seibert Circle design committee should stick with a traditional-looking design. The Vail Town Council decided in April to give Seibert Circle a makeover to match the on-going streetscape work being done on Bridge Street. The budget for the new sculpture is now topping about $1.3 million, of which Vail Resorts is throwing in $500,000, said Suzanne Silverthorn, spokeswoman for the town. Boulder County artist Ken Bernstein is designing the sculpture with creative guidance from a subcommittee of Vail Town Council members. The public will get the chance to share their thoughts with the council on July 5. For now, there is little remnant of what was there before, save a few benches arranged in a circle, as if to acknowledge the anticipated replacement. To Erley, the project seems like a case of “a town with more money than they can use.” Jeff Ohara, who also vacations at the Whistler Mountain resort, likes the effort Vail is making to look better. Whistler has a quaint little village nearby, sort of like Vail, he said. He would like the Seibert Circle sculpture to have cleaner, simpler lines than the picture shown to him Sunday, however. “This doesn’t seem to mesh well with the architecture here,” said Ohara, a San Jose, Calif., resident. Then, he asked, “Is Vail trying to look like Whistler?”Arlene Thomas liked the column, though, adding that Vail should have more sculptures. “Especially with fountains,” she said. Staff Writer Tamara Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607, or tmiller@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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