Mountain lion spotted swimming across river in Colorado (with video)

A mountain lion was captured swimming across the Eagle River in early August by a Vail 4x4 Tours guide.
Vail 4×4 Tours/Courtesy

A mountain lion was captured on video swimming across the Eagle River in Gypsym a couple of weeks ago by a Vail 4×4 Tours guide. The company posted the video on its Instagram Friday, Aug. 18.

“Most people don’t see them,” said Rachael Gonzalez, a public information officer with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Obviously with technology, we see them more because they’re captured on Ring Doorbells and stuff like that. But the reality is mountain lions, they don’t want to be seen.”

Gonzalez said river corridors are a popular place for mountain lions to travel, especially if they are following a food source, such as deer.

“We are doing some density studies across the state to get a better idea of how many are in (a certain) area,” Gonzalez said.

If you see a mountain lion, or capture one on video, contact the nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, as it can help them learn more about the animals and their patterns.

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The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website suggests the following if one encounters a mountain lion:

  • Do not approach
  • Stay calm
  • Stop or back away slowly
  • Make yourself look larger
  • Throw stones if it behaves aggressively
  • Fight back if it attacks

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