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NOFX, Never Trust A Hippy

Bob Aubrey
NOFX, Never Trust A Hippy

First off, this EP isn’t exactly brand new this week, it came out a few months ago but, as they say in their own words, they’re “going to hell for this one,” so I felt it needed to be reviewed.

Now, if you don’t know who NOFX is, it’s not your fault, they’ve been proud to get to where they are without the help of radio airplay or MTV. And where they’ve gotten is pretty far up the totem pole of punk rock. After playing together since the early ’80s, and having been called the “Rolling Stones” of punk rock, Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, Erik Sandin and El Jeffe are staples on the warped tour and have inspired more punk rockers than just about anyone. Plus, the fact that they somehow get faster and tighter every album doesn’t hurt, either.

OK, so back to the EP Never Trust a Hippy. First thing you’re gong to notice is yes, that is Jesus drinking booze on the cover. Why? Well, why not? We all drink.

The disc starts off with “Seeing Double At The Triple Rock,” a song about being a religious alcoholic and having the bar as your church. OK, that one’s going to piss-off a few members of the clergy. What’s next? Oh yeah, “The Marxist Brothers,” a sweet little ditty about people talking about conspiracies and governmental issues, but not doing anything about it except buying signed communist materials off of eBay.

Next up is a cover of Vagina Dentata’s song “Golden Boys.” Do you remember Pat Smear, the fourth guy in Nirvana at the end? Well, he was also in a lot of other bands like the Germs and Vagina Dentata, and that’s where they got this song. And yes, it’s all about Mother Mary and her son, so count on that one angering bishops. “Your Wrong” ” this one calls out a lot of issues and will piss off a lot of people, especially Ann Coulter. I can’t say exactly why here, because this is a family newspaper.

“Everything in Moderation (Especially in Moderation)” is short but sweet. It’s a driving tune about getting old and still living the punk rock life without regrets. And finally, the last track on the disc, “I’m Going To Hell For This One” is just awesome. With an incredibly tech fast baseline, powerful drums, saturated guitars and snotty lyrics about Jesus, how can you go wrong? The subject here is about how Jesus was an average guy who taught love, not fear. He wants his royalty checks from “Jesus Christ Superstar” and the “Passion of the Christ.” Plus he wants to kick Mel Gibson’s ass. Sounds like a perfect punk rock song to me, so I say toast this sucker.

It’s cheap, being an EP and all, but if you find that you really dig NOFX, they’ve got a new full-length album out too called Wolves in Wolves Clothing that was recorded at the Blasting Room in Colorado Springs. Plus, with 14 more full length albums, and 17 more EP’s to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Viva la resistance.

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