Not Just Luck: How Experts Win at Bingo

At first glance, Bingo seems like a purely luck-based game. However, there are several strategies that advanced players often use to improve their chances of winning.  Bingo is widely popular, and players can enjoy online bingo through many reputable sites. Players looking for the best bingo site should read bingo reviews beforehand, especially if they’re looking for fair sites to test their luck. To help players who want to enjoy online Bingo, here are a few tricks to enhance your chances of winning.


The Most Popular Bingo Strategies

Bingo results depend on the drawn numbers, and there’s no way for players to manipulate or guess the outcome. None of these methods can guarantee a win, but they can help players make quicker decisions.  

Tippett’s Method

Tippet was a British statistician who came up with a theory stating that with 

75-ball Bingo, the longer the game goes on, the more likely it becomes that the numbers drawn will be around the middle of the numerical range, so around 38. Conversely, a shorter 75-ball Bingo game is more likely to draw numbers 1 or 75.  

The Granville Method

This method came from Joseph E. Granville, a financial analyst and writer. Granville’s strategy requires players to select their cards based on the balance of the numbers and their long-run probability of being drawn. Based on Granville’s strategy, players must assume that operators will call an equal amount of low, high, even, and odd numbers. 

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When applying Granville’s method to a 75-ball Bingo game, players should expect to see equal appearances of numbers between 1 to 37 and 38 to 75. Therefore, when selecting their Bingo cards, players should choose cards that have an even balance of low and high numbers.  

According to this method, players should also assume that even and odd numbers will appear an equal number of times. Therefore, they should select cards with a balance of odd and even numbers.  

Using Granville’s method, players can easily guess the next number’s ending. For example, if 12 appears, they should assume the following number would be an odd one 

Play Using More Cards

Playing with more cards can also be an effective strategy for Bingo. It’s one of the best-known strategies used by players to increase their chances of winning.  

This may seem much more straightforward than the other two, but it can be challenging for players to manage multiple cards simultaneously. They’ll have to track across cards and watch the pattern in detail. Beginners can find this method overwhelming, but those accustomed to making quick decisions in Bingo often find playing multiple cards highly effective.  

However, online Bingo often has an auto-daub feature to help players play with multiple cards. It’ll mark the called number with no action required by the player. If a player finds it stressful to manage multiple cards, this could be a great tool.  

When playing multiple cards, it’s important to remember that Bingo should be fun and not stressful. Playing more cards will require players to be adept at managing their funds, so being responsible is essential.  

Winning Bingo

Online Bingo now makes it easier for players to access and enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. It’s extremely important to only use Bingo sites with a reliable operator, secure transactions, and a fair chance of winning. Make sure breaks are also taken so as to avoid getting bored or frustrated with playing.

Some players play to win, while others play Bingo for fun. However, like other real money games, it’s vital to remember that, ultimately, it’s entertainment.  

As we mentioned, these methods don’t guarantee a win every time, but they can be a wonderful way to increase concentration and focus! 

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