Paul Testwuide – from trail crewman to vice president |

Paul Testwuide – from trail crewman to vice president

Dick Hauserman
Daily file photoPaul Testwuide, left, with King Hussein of Jordan in 1984. Assigned to assist in the king's security on the mountain, Testwuide and Hussein became great friends.

In 1962, Jim Clark, who was on the ski patrol in Vail but lived with Testwuide in Breckenridge, talked him into visiting Vail.

“I remember standing on top of Milt’s Face,” Testwuide says. “There was a foot of new snow, no wind, and it was warm. I was used to Breckenridge and thought I might be in the wrong ski area.”

That was it. The next year, Testwuide had a job on the trail crew with Jack Riggan and started his rise to the top.

Working sometimes three jobs and living with John Donovan kept Testwuide very busy. The two young bachelors enjoyed drinking and having fun. When they were living in John McBride’s Clock Tower Building, after moving from above the liquor store, their next-door neighbor was the handsome Roger Staub, the ski-school director.

“Roger had just recently arrived in town and his leftovers were enough to keep me busy,” remembers Staub.

It wasn’t long before Testwuide was on the ski patrol, where he worked for many years. He ended up as the assistant and then head of the ski patrol in 1974.

From then on, Testwuide took life more seriously and ultimately became one of the chief executives of Vail Associates as vice-president in charge of all mountain operations. Today he is on many boards in Colorado, including that of the Vail Medical Center. Lately, he decided to curtail his activities so that he could spend more time with his family.

When King Hussein of Jordan skied in Vail during the winter of 1984, Testwuide was assigned to assist in the king’s security on the mountain. The two became great friends. King Hussein and Queen Noor once invited Testwuide and his wife, Janet, to be their guests in Jordan, where they were entertained personally for two weeks.

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