PHOTOS: Bear tracks a sign of spring, hibernation’s end |

PHOTOS: Bear tracks a sign of spring, hibernation’s end

Local wildlife photographer Rick Spitzer saw these bear tracks below his deck in Avon’s Wildridge neighborhood last week.

“First tracks I have seen this spring,” he said in an email to the Vail Daily on Wednesday.

Avon resident Rick Spitzer spotted these bear prints outside of his home on Wednesday. Depending on the season, food supply and gender, black bears may weigh anywhere from 100 to 450 pounds, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Black bears measure about 3 feet high when on all four feet. They can be 5 feet tall when standing on their back legs.
Rick Spitzer, Special to the Daily
Thanks to the snow on the ground, local wildlife photographer Rick Spitzer was able to notice these bear prints outside his Avon home. Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials urge people who live or camp in bear country to be sure they don’t teach bears to become “garbage” bears by careless handling of food, scraps and garbage. Bears who find human food, even once, can change their habits to seek food from human residences and trash cans, which could be troublesome for humans and fatal for bears. Most bears seen in residential areas near or within bear habitat do not cause any damage.
Rick Spitzer, Special to the Daily
“The chipmunks are out of hibernation,” Avon resident Rick Spitzer emailed the Vail Daily. “But, so are the bears.”

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